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Sunday, January 3, 2016

Stop to pick the flowers...

Jenny married part 2 ..stopping to pick the flowers
Lots to share. First the well is up and running thanks to ministering saints and a lot of hard work from Jr. The Lighthouse has running drinkable water and is supplying the neighborhood again. Jr managed to fix it all much cheaper than we were told and feared it might cost. Still lots of money we didnt have, but not the mountain of cash we feared it would take. Prayers worked again and the Lord supplied all. Amen!

Jenny's wedding was simply beautiful in so many ways. The Lord's hand was seen in humility everywhere. From Jenny picking flowers from the side of the highway a few hours before the wedding. Add to it as we entered town she saw a stranger's house with perfect colored flowers. We stopped to ask if we could pay to pick some. The man answering the gate looks at Jenny and says "you are the american's daughter, the one marring Alberto"..."uhh yes," "take all the flowers you want and have a good wedding" Bring light to PROV 31:22-23 amen. The wedding came together because there were so many showing their love to Alberto and Jenny. A pastor and good friend brought his family just to perform the wedding, they have been praying for Jenny weekly for 10 years. He preach a perfect wedding sermon and service.
The night before Jenny came into my room crying, she lost her engagement ring(again). She had taken it off to wash clothes and feared it went down the underground drain. She had looked and looked to no avail. I said do you want it found? Yes papi. Lets look for it. As she started to leave I said not that way and instead we bowed to pray and ask the Lord. When finished I asked one of the other kids to go looked for it and where. But before they could start another child ran in with the ring. Jenny looks at me and smiles and says thank you Lord and thank you papi... amen. They wanted to go with Jr and Lourdes to Nicaragua to do an outreach for their honeymoon. I was able to work it out so not only could they serve the Lord on their honeymoon but Jr and
Lourdes could celebrate their aniversary as well and spend a couple of days on the beach there before returning. Several families bought fireworks to set off after the wedding and 1st of Jan. I bought a firecracker along the road with 1lb of powder...it was really really loud. Why does one buy a firecracker with one lbs of powder or a wedding... I was left alone for a while. Lisa is in the states the Girls (Lourdes, Jenny, Julie) were in the store getting food for the Lighthouse... and I was left alone in the parking lot. The bible says it is not good the man should be alone :) So I wandered off and saw a man selling fireworks along the road. I asked do you have loud ones? He runs to the back and brings out a homemade Honduran 16 inch long 4 inch round made from newspaper firecracker... and says it is real loud and real cheap... i looked around and saw no one saying no. Then he says the main sales pitch "es muy peligroso". uhh. SOLD!  What's a lone guy to do?.... so the wedding festivities began with a bang and several guest dropped their wedding cake... and the whole neighborhood came out to watch the rest....
jr finished the mods for the other missionary's kia and the arrived as he was bolting in the rack... amen
Wonderful day... thank you to all the ministering saints of our Lord. You have made a remarable year possible and stored up much treasure in heaven


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