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Friday, January 22, 2016

Amen post....

Amen post. Just finished a hard week of medical evangelism with the Wallers and Truth for Today medical missions. They bring a group from the USA and we augment it with folks from our Local churches, giving medical care, glasses, dentistry and of course the gospel... each person receives personal attention.
Hundreds of people in four locations received care and a personal gospel witness. Of those 165 made a profession in Jesus Christ. It is a hard week expensive week, 4am mornings and often midnight nights but it is well worth the harvest...
That leaves a lot of follow up by our local churches. We are planning a larger scale outreach in June if the Lord allows. The airlines lost the luggage with meds and glasses for the group.
It arrive finally for the last day. But the Lord provided ways to keep moving forward and many were saved. Wonderful week to store up heavenly treasure....wonderful week with old friends and new. Melinda needed "security" while in Honduras. Marc and I provided what we could and put her in our shadow... but she preferred to see the sun shining... :)


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