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Monday, January 7, 2008

Moving mountains with a mustard seed (of faith).

It is now “next” week, and they are still leveling the site to put the Children’s Lighthouse. $$ The backhoe owner brought a second machine to shorten the time needed but it has not helped much, the equipment has been problematic. Two hydraulic hoses burst, an expensive hydraulic cylinder snapped in half when a rock got caught under the piston and finally a rear tire exploded. We heard it on the other side of the property. It has been quite a job.The second driveway is coming together, should be ready tomm. Whensawe is going up, things are moving forward as the LORD provides. The second meeting with The Concrete company owner is over, no donation or drastic deal but he did give us a price better than anyone else and will deliver them for free for the next 3 months…so one more thing moving forward.

After church yesterday the men who knew construction met to talk about the new church property and what to do next. What, where, how, was discussed, and a plan to best use the site was given. We have the manpower and skill to build within the ministry now all we need is the LORD’s provision. Several groups volunteered to help clean and we want to have a baptismal service on it for the last Sunday in January. All felt that was the best way to begin using it. Today the cleaning group showed up to start cleaning the property, burning trash breaking up old foundations to level some ground... Lots of little hands make light work

On a humorous note: I was sitting eating a Honduran style salad and Bessy was watching intently. Her face cringed every time I ate a chili pepper. It was cute, till I finally said, “Do you want one? She nodded yes and opened her mouth. So I gave her a carrot slice that was in with the peppers. She eagerly chomped away and swallowed then looked up with big eyes, beads of sweat building on her forehead, a half grin and half panicked look, said slowly “paa-pee”. Then rapidly stuck her whole hand in my ranch dressing, stuck out her tongue and began scrubbing it with ranch dressing over and over…I laughed so hard my eyes leaked. Afterward I asked, “Want another one?” She hesitated and almost said yes…
In the midst of it all there is always a laugh. I will try to add another picture page tommorrow of the work at the property. Thank You All...The LORD is Working in Honduras... AAmen!




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