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Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Blessings and Prayer Requests

Hope to have some post up in a few days. Our computer died but thanks to ministering saints a new one was on standby. Problem is it does not have a program to do the blog like the old computer, so I am in learning mode and trying to find a graphics program. Hope to save the HD in the old one with all the photos. Lisa will be traveling to the States for a couple of weeks and returning with Sasha, no extra funds for this but it is needful. Please keep us in prayer, spiritual wickedness always attacks in the most hurtful and hindering ways...

* Four adults have come to Christ in the last 2 weeks
* Hoping to get a well drilled soon at the Lighthouse. It will allow us and our neighbor's drinking water
* La Cruz Baptist Church has decided to go ahead and start a building project to get something more permanent and dry than the tent. Everyone in the church has offered to help in some way. Problem is they only have about $1500 of the needed $10,000 for a building.
* Container of corn arrived!! But they(Customs) stole a lot of things from it (thousands of dollars in donations for the poor and orphanage) and it cost a lot in invented "fees". On the last day before yet another 4 day fed Holiday the customs agent boldly said give me $150 dollars and I will release it before the holiday and you wont have to pay the $200 storage ($50 per day)... oh my aching head dealing with "officials"...
* All the Classes for the Bible Institute are about done. That's a solid years worth of Bible basics at the college level. More than 30 have completed it all in the 4 locations.
* We bought a new fridge with the stove mony from ministering saints. A fridge became more needful than even the stove. All that was at the property was an dorm fridge 1.5cf(a 2 liter bottle of soda wont fit in it). Try storing enough food for 20 people in it, yikes. So the LORD provided a different way. Yes a stove is still needed for the new building but it needs to be HD enought to cook 5-10 gallon pots on. The girls are comfortable cooking outside with wood and it saves on electric or propane for now. But Lisa is allergic to the wood available here...So a stove is still needful.

Prayer requests and needs:
* Motorcycle for Pastor Enemesio his broken leg and ankle are healed and he is walking up the mountain again but it is painful. A new chinese street motorcycle is about $1500 right now. A street legal dirt bike is about $2000
* Funds to finish the Children's Lighthouse. We have been staying at the property kinda full time but it is difficult in the apartment/bodega with 20 people. Tile, stairs, doors, plumbing, appliances, furniture ect.
* Church in San Geronimo. It is faltering due to insecurity of the property. They do not want it to be sold out from under them. So far only $100 has come in for this.
* Lisa's health-everything is difficult without a helpmate.
* We have heard that a couple of churches are considering support and another may raise support. Amen, Every "mite" helps, It amazes me how much money is consumed just in daily needs for 21. And more as the LORD opens the door...Amen.

My thoughts this week...

Why do so many christain's live their lives painting the ship... when it is sinking?
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


At May 6, 2009 at 11:52 AM, Blogger Susanna Tietz said...

Mr. Ritchie, You'll be in our prayers. Lots to be praying for, but I know that the Lord has it all in his plan somehow! Your wife will be in our prayers too. Lord-willing she'll have a safe trip and travel times back and forth with Sasha. You're in our prayers.

God bless!

At July 27, 2009 at 8:56 AM, Blogger donna said...

Brother Ritchie and Family,

You are in my prayers as you serve the Lord in Honduras. May God strenthen your bodys and give you wisdom for His work. Mrs. Ritchie, I know that you are in a battle for you health and I'll continue to pray that your blood counts come up and for a extra measure of grace for you.

To my Faith family, services went well Sunday. We were able to catch up on the Shield's work in Mexico and had a nice time of fellowship with them. Brother Matt was sorry to have missed you all but promised to pray for you.

Love everyone and praying for the Lord's hand of blessing on you as you labor there in Honduras.



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