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Tuesday, June 16, 2009

First day for Profe Sasha

Sasha arrived but I have hardly seen her while Lisa helped her prepare to teach 93 students this summer in public school. They made a curriculum and used the riso to print workbooks for everyone. The goal is for Sasha to gain some experience for college and to work in Christian teaching and soul winning when possible. Her hands will be full.

We connected the pump to the deepest well hole to attempt to pull out water from the daily rains. The trailer we were hauling water with broke a spring, had to do something quickly to keep water available. Omar and Jr moved our pump to the drilled hole and hooked it up at 200 feet. It seems to be working but the water is yellow. Not sure what this means just yet. Need to change the tank which is bad and a few other things to make sure we are not causing the yellow tint, then test it. But at least we are flushing toilets now…a big deal when your talking 20+ people… In everything give thanks. Amen.

We also picked up a dog to train for security. Being an orphanage with kids, I was concerned as to what kind to get. I compared different breeds and most came back with Great Danes as the best with kids AND security for scaring off bad guys. I thought Wow it’s a huge dog but 32 acres ok, only problem, we are in a 3rd world country, no way to get one of those. But the LORD knows, because the first person we asked said yes I happen to have one, a puppy…at a fraction of a USA price. Thank you LORD. You can almost watch this dog grow, it seems bigger every morning and the kids are having a blast with her. As well as the other animals they keep bringing home…baby squirrels, snakes, birds, woodpeckers ect. Let em loose in the woods and everything becomes a play toy… hmm, as it might have been in the beginning, without the thorns that is. Amen.

Going on an outreach this Thursday around Pastor Santos church teaching. As always in need of prayer...Thank you


At June 17, 2009 at 8:03 AM, Blogger Susanna Tietz said...

Praise the Lord for allowing water to come from the well! Hopefully the yellow color doesn't mean anything serious! I'll have to be praying for Sasha now...that's alot of responsibility! You're all in our prayers! Keep pressing toward the mark...
God bless!


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