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Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Water from the Rock

The only company that drills wells here in Choluteca finally showed up with equipment, unannounced, after more than a 6 month wait. Then said they needed 1/2 the money up front. That sent us scrambling. Ministering saints had offered to help with this, but funds were not here. Our bank is in Lisa's name and she is leaving tomorrow. So waiting in banks and rapid wire transfers finally set them to working. When I left this morning they had reached 60 feed, through almost all rock. But soon we will have clean water to drink. No more rationing of water. We plan to share with the neighbors. I caught 2 of our boys drinking from the horse bucket yesterday. It has been a constant thorn in the flesh not having a decent supply of water at the property. The bottom photo is Enrique giving the workers a cool drink...I thought it was kinda ironic. Lisa is visiting the states for a little R&R and visit family. She will return with Sasha in about 2 weeks. Prayerfully, if we have funds left from drilling we can buy a pump and things needed to have water when she returns.

One big worry is a trip to the USA always costs more than expected, and the final deadline for renewal of our residency Visas for Honduras expires right when Lisa gets back. We kept postponing it due to lack of time and funds. It is a $1200 chunk expense that we never seem to have all at once. Wonderful ministering Saints helped renew our US Passports a while back but now its Honduras paperwork time again.
Add to this kids to dentist to have teeth pulled, Jr and I building a roof to eat under out of the rain at the property, delivering corn to needy, helping at the school, spend time playing with the kids, buying icecream from a passing Icecream truck, birthdays and still run a ministry. Doesn’t leave time for much else, that is for sure. Even one of the teachers from the school has come over a few times to help out, cook, and play with the kids. But hey it makes it easy to be found busy about the LORD’s work, when He returns. Amen!


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