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Saturday, May 23, 2009

Work and Play Make a Busy Day

We have had a few fun times with the kids, stopping at a park, that gave several ideas of how to build playground equipment for the kids. It has been raining so the kids have played in the unfinished upper building as well as playing the rain…when your short on water it also bath time.

We finally were able to pick up the corn Friday. Had to replace the clutch in the datsun, fix the tires on the trailer, and find the guy with the keys first…but hey what do you expect in Honduras …easy? That is just for starters. I got a call from the school the well pump we installed quit so after dropping off the corn to the Lighthouse property I headed up the mountain with part and Omar and Jr went to fix the pump… My phone went dead in the mountain with pastor Santos. We have had some resent heavy rain so parts of the road are bad. The road to Santos place is really bad, they all hopped off and said the kia could not go any farther. I got out looked around and decided to try. It was all the little kia could do with a full load on its back but it crept up the rocks sometimes with only 2 tires touching but made it. Finally the “road" turns to a walk path for a mountain goat and Santos' family and church must carry the rest. Watching them haul heavy loads up the mountain on their heads and shoulders makes my joints ache. Even little Cinthia (the orphaned girl Santos took in) w
as now hauling whole bags of corn up. Toño was with me and sure couldn’t let a little girl haul more. All I could do is smile.
Pastor Santos had asked me to go visiting with him. I knew what that meant… oh my aching knees. I can hardly walk a day later but it was worth the pain. One family was a widow with 2 teen daughters, one blind and the other nearly blind. I brought Ana a stuffed animal that brought tears of joy. Her eyes may not see but they can show joy. She gave me a hug. I asked if she needed anything. She said no I have all I need. I pondered that a moment, with all the needs all around us and many begging in the streets, here is a widower with blind daughters living in the mountains with literally nothing but the clothes on their back and a roof (which Santos fixed) over their head, satisfied with what the LORD has given…amen. With a little more prodding Ana finally said she would like a bed to sleep on and a dress. I feel compelled to work on that.…. Pastor Santos has fixed and fixed and finally worn out the colman lantern we bought a few years ago, going house to house teaching, and needs a new one. This is one of the families he is working with. He asked me to come on the 18th and do another outreach. After leaving my knees were hearting about as much as my heart.
I arrived back at the Lighthouse and Alba had everything under control. Kids fed clothes washed and all. Jr and Omar were finishing up the well pump for the public school so the workers could continue building the classroom Monday. One of the teachers came over to play with the kids. Then, unexpectedly, the well drilling rig rolled back in just before dark. Ready to try and drill another hole to find water on the property. We do not have funds to do that yet but we talked and selected the next spot. Not sure what to do…it has been hard to get him here to drill, a nine month wait, the property is difficult to live at without water, yet we have already spent the funds on the last attempt. Time to pray I think....
Unworthy servant toa Worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


At May 23, 2009 at 12:16 PM, Blogger Susanna Tietz said...

Brother Barry,
You've been in our prayers and are still being prayed for. I know that when things like this are happening it's probably nearly impossible to see any light at the end of the tunnel....keep praying and trusting. God has a plan even when we don't see it. I was talking to a dear sister in the Lord today and she gave me these Verses to share with you. Num.21:16-18 ...the Lord will provide you with water, somehow! You're in our prayers, God bless. Love, Susanna and the family.


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