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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

A note of thanks and despair

Just an update for those reading about the well. The men left today...they drilled down to 270 feet, as far as they could drill with the machine and did not hit water. Wonderful ministering saints had sent enough funds to go 200 feet. When I called and said we were at 220 and still no water they said help is coming keep drilling. So we did. Today I had to inform them the money sent and yet promised went to a dry hole. To top that we also had a few issues with the workers. (I'll just say crude and did not like the kids being around them). After talking with the drill owner about everything, he offered to do a second 100 foot test drill for roughly less than $20 per foot instead of $27 and said he would come back next week and try, if we could come up with the funds. I think he will since I still owe him for the last part of the dry well.....Water is very needful without it the property is unusable because we cannot continue the way we have much longer hauling it all from the city. It is a very disheartening and puzzling situation for me. We need water at the property and we also need to build a church building. The money that was just sent down a dry hole was enough to build a church building that is also so needed here…I am still wet as I write, we all just came in from the rain from the wet service tonight. In all things we must give thanks even when we do not understand it. I am having a dificult time reading bacause my glasses have gone bad. While watching the men leave with the well, I thought I had a smudge on the lenz. I wiped it only to find part of the lenz pealed away leaving a blurry view... hmm. For those that know me my eyes bad and require a rare perscription not available here... and hard/ expensived to get in the US. Typing and reading are now a difficult task. Icing on the cake...

Sunday was a huge milestone for us in church. Carlos is now the ordained pastor. It was an unscheduled spirit led event. Carlos was preaching about the punishment of hell and the crowns of the saved. He was ending with the crown for servants and pastors. So I asked “Carlos do you want that crown?”. “Of course Barry” Then what is your answer to the church? A few weeks ago while I was teaching on the way Paul ordained elders, the whole church made it know that Carlos met the qualifications and they would happily have him as pastor. Sunday, after he said yes, they all came forward around Carlos and laid hands on him, prayed and anointed him as pastor. It was without any fanfare, but it was the most biblical anointing of a man as pastor I have seen. I prayed for many years prior to coming to Honduras that the LORD would show me a Timothy… and He has.
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour


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