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Monday, July 27, 2009

Life and death in Honduras

Sunday as expected was a long day. La Cruz Baptist celebrated it’s 3 year anniversary along with ground breaking for a new building. Pastor Kline preached a stirring message. The Ladies made lunch for 100 people present. Iris was sitting with me and whispered in my ear he preaches “bonito”. Out of the mouth of babes thou has perfected praise…amen.

The evening before Faith opened some suitcases filled with goodies for our family, toy, clothes and treats like a Christmas in July. THANK YOU!

After services at La Cruz Baptist, 22 of us (La Cruz Baptist, Americans and our family) piled in the kia to go up to Lenaca and Ven a Mi Baptist Church to preach. Our girls sang the men sang, it was a great time praising the LORD from the heart. The LORD has really been working on Pastor Kline and he was moved at all he has seen and as he rose to preach his eyes were swelling with tears of joy, thanksgiving to the LORD. I believe it was like Christ when he went, saw and was moved with compassion. Honduras has a way of doing that. The Bible comes alive here, because much of the worldliness is stripped away, there is no wealth to hide the sin, When you preach, it is not in some abstract theory or idea, it is raw unadulterated truth for a struggling dying soul. One illustration Pastor Kline used was letting down the crippled man through the roof… and he realized the roofs he was looking at were just like the ones used in Jesus day 2000 years ago. He was not in a gran auditorium where that need be explained, it was self evident how it was done… The life and death struggle here was made even more poignant as we headed back down the mountain. The road was blocked by several hundred people and a half a dozen cars, because a man had been shot in the head by a thief. He was still
laying in the middle of the road. No one would move the body till the doctor arrived to pronounce him dead. So we had to wait about an hour as even more people came to see. It was making us nervous because violence in a situation like that is easily lit. Large crowd, lots of drunks with machetes and a dead family member in the street…. It was comforting to see the police arrive with large weapons. Alba asked for the camera and followed Omar who asked questions about how long. Alba took photos and Tono searched the truck to find the last 3 tracts to give to the folks in the truck in front of us… It just seemed to drive the lessons of the week home… of Life and death. Then to top it off when we finnaly got through 10 minutes down the road was a man laying in the ditch. We stopped to check his pulse. He reeked of beer and urine, then sturred, so we left him be. What do you want to be found doing when the trumpet sounds…

Drunk in a ditch, shopping... or serving? AMEN!


At July 27, 2009 at 9:31 AM, Blogger Fbc said...

It is great to see the group from Faith is doing well and neat to see what God is doing there in Honduras. God bless...Pastor Dan

At July 27, 2009 at 10:06 AM, Blogger danmelkel said...

It's wonderful to see that all is going well in Honduras. May each life be touched & a difference be made.

Praying for you,
Melody Kelly

At July 28, 2009 at 11:55 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

It was good to be able to take time to read this blog, and to just sit back and realize how much the Lord IS blessing you all! The lessons being taught and learned through real-life circumstances are priceless. You've been a good encouragement and testimony to everyone who has been following your blog. Thanks again for posting!! Tell the kids that I say "hola"! Miss you all.

Love and prayers...


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