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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Need Prayer

To our wonderful ministering Saints…we need prayer, strong fervent prayer of the righteous.
This update was written on several days and finally sent today as I was able ….

I do not like to be political in my writings but with current and recent events it seems time to forgo this notion for the moment. As the world worships its icon(s) with relentless news coverage. Something much more news worthy has happened here in Honduras. The glimmer of hope, freedom and democracy is not shining for the Historical US Lighthouse, rather it is in Honduras. Honduras was facing a return to political puppet government that has plagued all latin America for a century, being helped by the likes of Cuba, Venezuela (and the USA). The “coup” in Honduras was really the checks and balances of a duly elected constitutional government at work. Nothing more nothing, nothing less. The military was under control of the congress and supreme court of Honduras. Without the USA in its corner, this may have long term events that affects ministries in the western hemisphere. Ask the missionaries in Cuba, Venezuela, Equador or Bolivia if getting the gospel out is easier now, for their governments succumbed to a political backslide. We had already experienced difficulties first hand, like added “fees” for containers, having to report our church members names, id# and churches income and even where it was spent to the government under the deposed president. We saw first hand his political process, going to poor areas giving out $100 per family just before a vote on his memorandums. Yet none of the poor we know, (all of the churches we started are poor) want the deposed President back. Further more they are disappointed in their long time alley the USA for their opposition. If the light goes out here it will no be long before it is vanquished everywhere in the western hemisphere.
Here are some links to some articles that state the same…






Now for the more news worthy “something”.
I was having devotions with the children amidst the week of rumors, fighting, a possible invasion, war, troops passing, tanks along the road. We had finished the book of Acts and moved into Genesis. All were huddled under a dewalt flashlight(no Elet), stormy outside, and had just finished the begots chapter in Gen. You know, the so in so begot so in so. I shared a few details of some of them so as to make it more interesting, then the Holy Spirit took over inspite of me. The children began asking questions, which led to presenting the gospel. Several trusted the LORD as Saviour. Not just a bow your head and pray, but with tears of repentance. This in turn brought forth from more, confessing faults one to another, I am sorry for this or that. Tono came up to me weeping and apologizing for all the stuff he had stolen in the past. The others began to clap and do the same. All I could do it thank the Lord for His goodness.

Now for the major prayer request… This has immediately become our main prayer need.
There is no easy way to say it other than just let it out. As some of you know Lisa has been battling sicknesses this year, seeming from many angles. Whooping cough, pneumonia allergic reactions ect. Yesterday evening Lisa went to a gynecologist. The Doctor was so alarmed at what she found she ordered her to undergo a biopsy under general anesthesia at 6:30am. When talking to the doctor after she was very concerned and wanted the tests rushed through the Lab in the capital. The Doctor is certain Lisa will need a hysterectomy for cancer. And stressed soon The level of treatment yet to be determined. The Doctor also recommended the Sinai Clinic here with the cancer specialist they have. She would assist him in the actual operation. (It is the same place we took Pastor Enemesio and Carlos for their treatment). This operation may take place in the next 2 weeks, maybe as soon as Friday after the test results are in. We need to go Monday for more test, but over drew our bank today for enough to pay for the biopsy work. Everything here is pay as you go, pay up front so they can purchased what is needed to operate. And the operation it self will cost $3-4000. Not sure what to do right now other than seek lots of prayer from ministering saints. If anyone wants to help with the major expenses, the funds will need to be wired to out account here in order to have funds available in the time frame we might be looking at.

You can call us at 603-397-0606 or my cell 011-504-9616-9851(my cell has no voicemail)

Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour

Picture page from the week. All photos on the Blog…
*Lisa just before Biopsy
*Our 9yr olds mowing grass…Honduran style
*Alba cutting up Iguana the boys caught for lunch for the kids
*One of the Tanks parked near the Children’s Lighthouse property near the Nicaraguan border.
*Sasha learning to drive for the first time, in a 40 yr old Datsun, in a war zone?...good thing, she has had her Honduran license for a couple of years now, might as will make it useful…


At July 11, 2009 at 11:39 PM, Blogger Mrs. Bee said...

Praying Bro here in Rochester, NY

James and Ginger Barber

At July 12, 2009 at 10:39 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

You're in our prayers...thanks for the update. Praise God for the souls that were saved!


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