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Friday, June 19, 2009


The time came to head up the trail to show a very strong video in the mountain church Ven a Mi requested by Pastor Santos. The men from La Cruz Baptist prepared to go and off we went up the rained out roads in the kia, The recent rains make traversing the “roads” in the mountains even more dangerous. Crossing creeks, driving on the edge of soft muddy cliffs, slimy rocks ect each add to the “thrill” these folks live with daily. The Kia is beginning to make lots of noises from the many hard trips in these mountains but it’s sure footedness assured no one had to get out and push.
We arrived at 2:30 and set up for the evening service. Show a children’s video to whittle away the time as folks began to arrive (a big attraction in a place without electric) Thankfully solar panels and lights were installed last year in the church so they are the only light on the mountain on dark stormy nights… Carlos at the last minute told Sasha to teach a class to the young folks, so her and Joshlin (Omar’ s daughter) did just that. They all headed out under the lean-to in the rain to teach. No chairs, no blackboard, no lesson plan, leaky roof, muddy ground, for a class of children standing the entire time Carlos preached at the adults inside. (Carlos can and did preach a long time) There were 2 decisions for Christ. Then it came time to show the final video teaching about false religious practices. It hit too close to home with a few and they left, but those that stayed all found the truth was very strong and needful, eyes were opened strengthening the foundations…amen!
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


At June 19, 2009 at 8:21 PM, Blogger Susanna Tietz said...

Praise God for more decisions for Christ! You're all in our prayers...Keep up the good work!
You're all in our prayers..
God bless!

At June 26, 2009 at 5:54 AM, Blogger Happily Everafter Havanese said...

Hi, how are you? I am praying for you. The orphanage looks nice. Tell the kids I said Hi, and I miss them, Lord willing, see you sometime in the fall, Love, Jonathan .S.Smith


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