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Tuesday, July 21, 2009

They that wait upon the LORD...

We have been consumed these past weeks in unwanted news of politics, war and sickness. It can weaken even the strongest without the spirit of the LORD to sustain them. (My strength was gone long before I arrived in Honduras) I want to take a moment to share, its not all doom and gloom, for one day the trumpet will sound; but who will be found about our fathers business…

In La Cruz Baptist, they have broke ground and the men of the church are putting in the foundation of a new church building. AAMEN! They are doing it by faith for they do not have what is needed to finish…but I am sure they will. We are all weary and dirty from the tents… I took some men out of the city, to order sand, gravel, and also to the brick makers to order bricks Sat. They make them just like in the days of Moses… From the pulpit, Carlos has been preaching on the security of salvation but from a burly and fearful perspective. It has been a joy to hear. To the effect, Yes you can be sure... but you had better be sure.

In Colonia they are planning for 6 baptisms this coming week. This is the church that meets under a tree up the mountain. One person is going to start a second service with Pastor Carlo’s help…Amen…(We can now officially call him that Amen!)

In Los Tererros it is still going along. Though Pastor Enemesio is having a time getting up there every week. He is still not as strong as he was before he broke his leg in the accident but he is hiking up the mountain or riding his bike up (30km up) Still needs some kind of transportation, a motorcycle, 4x4 or ? It would help the ministry greatly to have a vehicle at their disposal full time.

In Lenaca Pastor Santos has begun the institute classes and is tight in the building we repaired a few years ago…Amen. Some Sunday school classes would be high on his list of needs…The blind girl I visited a while back now has a bed…Amen! He is in need of 12v lighting that would use very little electric. IE LED type. I had set him up so he could use the solar panel at his home to charge the batteries and take the battery to church for services. But cannot find the led lighting here. The lights in the home no longer work and the ones used in the house are designed to not rob a lot of power needed to charge bat for church. 12v led lights from an RV Store or truck stop should work. It would allow him to work a little later….

In The Children’s Lighthouse, Water is holding out and getting clearer. Haven’t tested it yet. The nation celebrates nation Indian day here and all the school teach about it. The public school teachers came over and showed our children how to make plastic bag dresses and the boys made bows and arrows for school. I had to follow behind making them ...uh modest, Hmm.. But hey, how many schools in the USA teach and encourage the kids to make working bows for school… probably as many as ask the kids to bring machetes to clean up day… Mentally, I fit in better here…Amen the LORD knows.
Unworthy Servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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