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Friday, July 24, 2009

What is newsworthy?

We have a few folks with Pastor Kline from Faith Baptist Church visiting,who braved the political turmoil the news is reporting, to come and serve the LORD in our “conflict zone”, here in Honduras. As military jets flew overhead, military and police prepared for possible conflicts on the borders, marshal law imposed in our area, 10s of thousands of Hondurans march peaceably in the main cities in solidarity with the government for throwing the former president out. Yet instead of the good and right being reported, the world focuses on a man in full rebellion, step 2 feet into a country who legally ejected him. With all this going there was something of a much greater importance happening, something of eternal value, which the world knows nothing about nor understands.

Here we have begun to build a new church building. Not with might and wealth but with the sweat of our brow and blessing of the LORD, this small church is laying the cornerstones to a building. (The Chief Cornerstone of this church was laid 3 years ago last month Amen) The men (both La Cruz Baptist and Faith Baptist), worked side by side in 98 degree heat all day, to dig and lay foundations, cut rebar, load rock from the river, mix cement. Whatever was asked of the by our “Master Builder”. It was a true joy to watch. Some our church women served up local watermelon as it was all coming to a close this day. I turned and asked Carlos again…”Was the LORD please with this today?” “Yes Barry” … "then nothing else matters”…Amen. The Faith girls visiting spent the day at the Lighthouse with our daughter Sasha who is covering for me while the group is here. They were playing and working with the kids; learning to cook outdoors, make tortillas and wash clothes by hand. I called to see how they were handing my daily routine that I have had for months. Sasha said they were taking a nap (not the 18 children but the girls). Hmm. Oh How I wish I had that opportunity when watching 18 children. It is more like trying to keep 18 cats in a small box with no lid, always something to deal with…Welcome to Honduras Sleep comes easy here like a runner after an ironman marathon, but the LORD gives his beloved sleep. It takes more effort here just to breath…As I arrived (remember curfews...) they were in full swing of supper and had arm fulls of loving kids…

On a side note. Today was Toño’s birthday, but because of curfews church visiting ECT, I ask him if we could postpone it a bit. He said fine, but asked if he could preach or teach a lesson like the men do on Saturday in Colonia, but to the young children?…What a request from a 12 year old who just got his birthday postponed. How do you think the LORD responds when we please Him in a similar way….Ye have not because you ask amiss… Oh but when we learn to ask aright…He gives us our hearts desires. Amen and amen. Now in heaven in a few thousand years will the world news of the day be remembered or the news from Honduras missions be remembered. I am confident which one will still be found giving God His Glory amen!


At July 28, 2009 at 12:21 PM, Blogger Susanna said...

I am sure that the "un-heard" news going on there in Honduras, at the Children's Lighthouse will make much better "headlines"in God's eyes! Praise the Lord for His gospel still being preached! And for the desire of Tono to preach!

At September 8, 2009 at 7:18 PM, Blogger DonTheBaptist said...

Looking forward to meeting you my brother...Don;


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