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Saturday, August 1, 2009


Lisa has undergone quite a few test this week and was able to get the transfusion yesterday. What started out as a simple thing like fill a prescription turned into a hassle. Not wanting to use the socialized hospital because it is dirty beyond belief, and their health practices are scary; Mangy dogs entering rooms, no screens on windows, cats eating sleeping people’s food, black ceiling tiles from mold…that’s just what we see with our own eyes. Soo, we are using the pay clinic. But all blood must come through the national hospitals. Omar volunteers at the green cross who works with the Red Cross in turn works with the national Hospital blood bank in Tegu. We…(IE We) finally got the blood at 6pm last night and since no one could store it outside the hospital the clinic did a battery of tests on it and had Lisa hooked up till midnight for a fill up. The nurse told her she was now officially Honduran with Honduran blood. Sasha and Blanca stayed with her in the room…but what did they do? Paint their nails and Sasha talked to Roly her poss future husband. He has already asked me permission, but since I have Sasha here and he is 4000 miles away…I’ve seen no need for a quick reply :)
The men have been working steady on the building, the walls are going up. Even youngsters in the neighborhood who come some days and pester (throw rocks) service other days helped out. Some folks in the neighborhood, not part of the ministry, have come to give offerings to help build. Carlos and I were shocked. What seems lacking at the moment is funds for a roof and doors and windows. Roof is about $2000 doors and simple bars for windows less than $1000. We shall see what the LORD does. The men headed back to the mountain to preach today and the ladies and girls got rained out so they all met in our living room. This meant all the rest of our kids waited for 3 hours in a hot bedroom and had to be calm and quite like, a church building is very needed… welcome to Honduras. Amen
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour
For those still following the political side of Honduras here is a eye opening interview with the current Pres of Honduras from today. Bold to say the least. All he asks from the USA? Ask your govenment to send someone here to see first hand the truth... Go anywhere you want ask anyone you want...hmm.
Here is the link
PJTV Mitcheletti Interview


At August 4, 2009 at 11:47 AM, Blogger Susanna said...

Still praying for Lisa and the rest of the family during all of this. Lord-willing the surgery will go smoothly! Thanks for the update...

God bless!


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