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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Funerals and Faith

It is amazing how a day can change. Here in Honduras if a person dies, they try to bury them within 24 hours. The family and church normally take care of it all, much like in bible times. Moving, cleaning and prepping the body and casket, even digging the grave. Yesterday our eldest church member died Alisa the mother of Iradia. We had to scramble to change plans, postpone the trip to Santos church in the mountain, PU supplies for the Faith group visiting, and use the kia for the funeral up near Corpus in their home village an hour away. Carlos was asked to preach. What a difference preaching at a saved persons funeral with many saved present, though sad it is comforting. Honduras has taught me many things. Bible truths are so real here and so are the consequences of our actions.

Several of the Faith group are sick, and behind in work they chose to not go to the funeral and continue working. Nothing serious same as what the kids are passing around. But it is enough to take the fun out of things. Yesterday they were getting a lot of work done, beds are taking shape fixing gutters and laying the tile in the dinning room.

We will attempt to go to Santos church in the mountain today but the kia has issues, the brakes need repair, the power steering bracket broke, the 4wd wont engage, and the ac quit. And no time to stop and fix it till the group leaves.

Pastor Kline and Dan understand a little better why it is so hard to get things done here. Its not impossible just requires a lot more effort.
unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,


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