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Sunday, July 18, 2010

Morning service with Faith

Had a great morning service with over 130 souls present. The ladies planned a catracha snack and fellowship for all. Alex preached for the second time. He preached so well in San Geronimo yesterday, Carlos requested him again for Sunday morning and he did not let us down. It was a stirring message, just what our folks needed. He closed and sat down, I shocked him and said he was not done, he was not empty yet and to preach some more. In a bit of fear a trepidation he continued and the second helping was better than the first. Some Faith folks sang, La Cruz folks sang in all it was a good day. The group is now headed to Los Tererros to do the evening service on the mountain.
Yesterday one group went to La Colonia and another went to San Geronimo to preach. I think the Faith folks are going to return broken, beaten and sick and weak… and it will all give God glory. Broken hearted, beaten flesh, sick of the sin in this world(maybe just sick too) and weakened on resisting God’s will in their lives.
We tried to get work done too, but the three flats and two ruined tires kinda get in the way. The beds are coming right along Amen!
Unworthy Service to a worthy Saviour,


At July 18, 2010 at 10:12 PM, Blogger danmelkel said...

Thank you for posting the pics! Glad the group is doing well & hope much is accomplished while they are there (physically & spiritually) Can't wait to hear how Honduras has changed them:)


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