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Thursday, July 15, 2010

Living in prayers

Faith Baptist from Missouri has arrived. A larger group than last year, 17 of them. With the other vehicles down, I had to tow a trailer to the capital and pack them all, plus the 4 we had into the Kia. Easily over 6500lbs in all on or towed by the whopping 83 horse power truck. 1st gear on some of the climb out of the city. As I left the airport on the first little grade I thought wow kinda hard to stop, but kept it to myself. Several police check point stops later, we headed down the 4000 foot decent. I had a vehicle in front of me I could not pass running just a little slower than the gears would hold in the kia requiring a more frequent use of the brake than normal…And the brakes gave up suddenly, a total brake failure going down the mountain with no guardrails and steep cliffs, thankfully near the bottom. (I say it often we live or die on the power of prayer, we use each and every one from our prayer warriors) A moment of panic, a few ground gears and fast thinking to get the speed under control. (Thank you LORD!) Then continue slowly 1+ hours to Choluteca. They began to work about an hour later but now need some repair to put them back at 100%. Everyone in the cab of the Kia knew what was happening but we did not tell those in the back till we got to the Hotel. Add to this we got to the Hotel and they looked panicked and said your not suppose to be here till tomorrow…uh-oh. And there is a doctors convention in town as we tried to find another place. So for the night the group is in 2 different hotels to reunite in the morning. Never a dull moment. One blessing of the day the visa lawyer called and met me at the airport to give me the new residency visas… good for another year, and we drained all funds to pay her and cover the fees of course. Never a dull moment…
Unworthy servant to a Worthy Saviour,



At July 16, 2010 at 7:41 AM, Blogger danmelkel said...

So thankful for God's protection. Praying the group has a wonderful week & much is accomplished for His Glory!!!

Melody Kelly


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