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Sunday, July 4, 2010

How can we?

Had a disheartening, though not rare, experience this week. I saw a 9yr old girl in the street begging for food; her grandmother(?) handler in the distance coaching her and reprimanding her by remote control. As she came to my car door, I tried to talk with her. Her skin was covered in sores, hair unkempt, dirty with poor clothing and a belly bloated with parasites. The event struck a nerve in the few kids I had with me, recalling where they had been not so long ago. I asked her a few questions that she tried hard to avoid. She about broke into tears each time she looked to the slightly better dressed elderly lady, I believe because of the extra time she was with me and not been given anything. This scenario actually happens frequently here. I was looking for a way to help in truth. I asked if she could read but no answer. I gave her a tract and a Bible anyway looking to open a door, only to be interrupted by the elderly lady, who whisked her off to seek funds at the door of the fast food restaurant. I saw several people ease their consciences as they left the restaurant giving a lempira or two (equivalent of 5-10 cents). Had the grandmother allowed, we might have been able to change her life. There are many biblical lessons in this and how many parents will be held accountable before the LORD. All of our kids are court ordered so we cant just pick up kids even if we want to.

I also saw a man with a baby in a stroller begging for milk money. He seemed sincere, but a little observation reveals much. A few folks exiting a bus gave him a small amount of money. He then walked 50 yards to the local bar, left the baby in the sun, in the street, and went inside to buy a drink.

Those that have followed our posts know the LORD has given some wisdom at times needed in these matters. My heart is to help someone in need, and when we were first here it was difficult to sort out who and how to help and give God glory. We have poured out our hearts and helped many, but the need is far beyond our means. And why we need continual wisdom and prayer, because it is easy to close your eyes, grow cold, or as those giving a token to clear their conscience. True Christian love is always sacrificial. If Christians are to help, it should be to make a difference for the Glory of God, not band aid our sentiments.
(The photo is a file photo of a different child I took a few years ago but the likeness is very similar and shares the look I saw on her face. I did not have a camera with me)
This became the topic of discussion in church service today. Just how are we to help? How are we to obey the precepts in the Bible and share the gospel and give God glory. It was a very good service that opened a few eyes I believe

unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,


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