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Monday, August 2, 2010


For those that have followed the blog or have visited will know that what I am about to write is very painful for me and I will only share a few points. We have had an epidemic of youth issues in our church and Lighthouse ministry. Several families have called for help in this matter and it has affected us directly. Our two oldest girls have now left and returned to that which they came. It has been related to cell phones. They are now very cheap here and offer free middle of the night minutes to students. Boys at school or in the neighborhood secretly give girls phones and they talk on the “free time” offered by cell companies in the middle of the night. Both Jenny and Alba have chosen to return to their families where there are no rules. They are free to live as they please. I do not see a bright spot in this. Alba left after I caught her with a man(49yrs old with a family) that I was working with, at the lighthouse and was training to be a pastor. I could not believe my eyes and said nothing till they noticed me. He is married, and up to then I had total confidence in him, I had worked with him 4 years.
Yesterday I learned Naydee the young girl we had with us a few years ago was in the hospital having a baby. Just turned 15 and her man abandoned her and went illegal to the USA. Nadee left us in rebellion 3 years ago and I warned her that before she was 16 this would happen. When I walked in the Hospital it took a while before she would uncover her face and talk to me. I brought our girls with me to understand more clearly why I taught what I taught. Alba agreed to come but now does not want any more contact with me. I also learned in the hospital that Nancy whom also left this last year had been pregnant with twins, but she self aborted them with help from her prostitute mom whom she returned to. It is impossible to fight this in our power. I have tried. I am at the point that it must be all of the LORD and he must teach the lessons the hard way. But it breaks my heart because I have poured everything into them. In a small way I understand the emotion of Christ on the cross, when your rejected, even hated by those your sacrificing yourself for. A tragedy, to trade your life even maybe your soul, to have a cell phone linking you to people who have no real love for you. Currently both Alba and Jenny are living with “fathers” who are drunks, but give them the “freedom” they desire. Alba shared when he comes home drunk she sleeps outside, Jeny called crying a few days ago and I ran to where she was to find her fighting with her drunk dad about hauling water. She came home with us for the night but returned the next day because she preferred the cell phone than living with us….I asked her point blank in Gods eyes whose daughter are you, yours. In my eyes whose daughter are you…yours. In your eyes whose daughter are you… yours. Where does God want you to live… with you. OK Come home…no I want to live this way and to keep my cell phone, which she bought by stealing the small amount of money I gave to her 35 year old sister who lives in the same house. Her sister works 10 hours a day in the melon fields for $4 and cannot feed her four children every day. She asked me to take her kids and told Jenny she needed to go home to her father(me) as well. It has been 2 months of agony and heartache and continual 3am prayer.


At August 5, 2010 at 10:45 AM, Blogger ANDREW said...

Brother Barry,
My heart breaks with yours. I know I have only spent a few weeks with you and your family, but I think about you often and pray constantly for the kids while checking the blog. We'll keep you in our prayers. We love you


Isaiah 40:29-31


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