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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Greater is He

Winding down the visit from Faith. Tomorrow is the last day to finish up what they can and pack up to leave. A lot got done today. The beds are getting close. We will not finish every job but the bulk will be done. Rain gutters, tiled floor, beds closets made, Muffler on equipment stuff moved and cleaned 5 churched churches and 2 schools preached in and maybe a chicken coop for the new chickens. Not bad for a week. Went to Lenaca today to preach. Some stayed behind to sleep off sickness, some stayed to work and the rest went. Pastor Kline had said he would come back last year and the church remembered. Good message then after Pastor Santos asked for prayer on a personal level. We gathered round and talked then prayed to lift him up. Good time on the mountain. Had a VERY uncomfortable experience this morning. I was eating homemade bread with jam I scooped up the jam and took a bite only to find a wasp was on the jam. He stung me on the back of the throat right where the gag reflex is. I swelled to hardly breathing but took a lot of Benadryl and used a piece of paper to pull out the stinger. Made it through the day but was in a daze. Made it up the mountain but actually got lost on a road I know like my hand. Lisa tripped today and hurt her foot as well. Then to top that off while the power was out, men broke into the property and got into the storage garage. Not sure what if anything they got the boys and dogs scared them off. Been a really tough week of little battles, multiple tires flat, not having supplies, constant change of planes out of my control, prakes, powersteering, A/C and the 4wd on the kia, lights on the datsun just and endless drip drip of issues to change the attitudes. But alas they have not prevailed because greater is He that is in us then he that is in the world amen!!


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