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Thursday, March 17, 2011

Please refill the prescription

We brought Elmer home Thursday under strange circumstances. The Hospital we were in is suppose to be one of the best socialized hospitals here for children. (Wont waste space on my opinion but most Americans would request another hospital if the ambulance brought them here after an accident) But it is also the training school for new doctors… Hence why I felt there were a lot of very young Doctors. They rotate shifts, so in the 4 days Elmer was there, he had at least 12 doctors who only have the paperwork from the previous doctor(which the patient is responsible to keep). No way to search out a serious issue. When we began to inquire more diligently doors began to shut and things became more difficult (even a nurse and Doctor making derogatory comments I wont repeat here) till finally they said there was nothing more they could do. They then technically transferred him to our local hospital which has none of the equipment or testing we need. So if we are to pursue this medical issue we must be able to make routine trips to the capital and afford the private pay hospital care. I believe he needs to see a neurologist and get a scan. For now he is slightly feverish…(After entering the hospital) and we have him on antibiotics. He is not quit himself yet Not sure if we have issues from the seizures or he is just still sick. After 4 frantic days we still know nothing… And still have a little boy in need of ….? Prayers I think have been the best medicine so far… Please refill the prescription..


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