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Tuesday, January 25, 2011


The container finally arrived Saturday. Wresting it from the powers that be was more difficult, confusing and costly than previous shipments (didn’t think that was possible). But it was the first to arrive at our door unopened with the original locks and seals in place AMEN! Only to get a call from customs Monday…"we are coming to inspect your shipment at your property"… Hmm. Good luck with that, because the kids are already eating and wearing the shipment… Amen. It arrived at 5:30 am Saturday, and we began unloading by 6:30. Most of the kids helped, plus church members. Carlos took to sorting shoeboxes, Jr drove the kia to put corn in storage, and Toño drove the 4wheeler and trailer hauling food up to the Lighthouse kitchen, along with Bibles and miscellaneous. Like a beehive. The churches that sent this year were very thoughtful in packing and labeling. It made the work easier and faster. Lisa spent the afternoon sorting and distributing the things designated to our children. Another one of those really long days that your smiling as your head hits the pillow, then an instant later it seems its time to wake up.. A big “Thank You” to all the folks and churches that made it possible. We have some much needed food, the kids have much needed clothes, the tires for the Kia arrived, and we are prepping to distribute the shoeboxes next week. The photo is one of our few with all the children posing with new clothes…Amen! Then load up for Sunday Church. Lots of plans for evangelism with the shoeboxes. Pastor Agusto came and asked if he could visit and give them out in homes of children who visit sometimes but the parents are not saved and wont come to a “Baptist” church. He thinks like me and saw it as an opportunity to get into homes he would not normal be welcome in, and present the Gospel…
Uhh of course that’s the real purpose for them. Amen!!


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