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Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Prayers heard...

Prayers heard amid a world of turmoil. We awoke Sunday to find Elmer our youngest boy in seizures. The motor had gone bad in our Kia Saturday night going to preach, so panic was setting in as we tried to find a way to the city hospital. Many calls made till finally a friend of a friend brought a friends truck with a blown head gasket. We made it to the local hospital where anti seizure meds we given in an IV. But we were told we needed to get him to the capital quickly so more test could be run. Incase it was caused by a head injury like a stroke or tumor or? Time was critical struggling to find transportation while the doctor gave more meds yet he continued seizing till almost 3pm when we arrived at the Children’s Hospital in the capital 6+ hours later. A heartbreaking ride up as he would scream on occasion or begin uncontrolled biting or repeating the word bird over and over for several minutes. As we arrived to a very crowed emergency room once the doctor saw me standing there with and IV bag in my mouth and papers from the Choluteca hospital we were admitted right away… To begin the long waits. Finally with a little pushing they took him for an ultra scan after hours. We rewarded the med techs with pizza afterward for appeasing us. The Hospitals here are different than the USA. The family must care for the patient, change linens, clothes, help to the bathroom, sometimes even go to the local pharmacy to by the prescribed drugs. No need to worry about hospital food here there is none. This hospital is one of the premier socialized hospitals in the country, the doctors work very hard…and see a vast more patients than even an inner city emergency room in the USA. Most seem very young (or am I just getting old and my perception is changing). But things still cost, tests, supplies, meds ect, must be purchased as used, no billing for later. I stayed the night but had to return the next day because of the borrowed car we had. Jr stayed behind with what cash I had, till we can make other arrangements. Elmer has since woke up for short intervals and we were allowed to feed him some baby food Monday afternoon. While awake he asked about mommy Lisa and his siblings colored a moment then back to sleep. One of our church families also went up to relived Jr as needed. The doctors did x-rays on him today as well as a chemical test and a lumbar exam. So far no big red flags as to what this is. The MRI showed slight brain swelling but inconclusive. Our communications with the doctors are as much. Unless I follow them to lunch and stand there so they cant eat I don’t get a lot of info. Jr said they are nicer since they moved him to a observation room. So its not as bad as we feared it looked like (we think) but we are still not out of the wood yet, and still don’t know what caused this kind of reaction nor the true extent of damage, if any, since it is hard to tell while drugged.
They are now taking him for an EEG brain scan as I write...

As far as the bad motor in the kia we will know more after we tow it to the kia dealer. I talked to the dealer Monday and they said it could be as high as $4000 depending on what was needed. I had a few moments today to look at it and got it to turn over, but the sounds its makes hint at internal damage. So it to is not as bad as I feared but still a major overhaul plus some major parts. Head and pistons in frame overhaul maybe? Need prayer on many fronts that have been temporary overshadowed.
We are planning for several more baptisms in the ocean this Sunday for La Cruz Baptist... Since the rivers are dry... and need a vehicle
Thank you all for every prayer and remembrance.


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