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Thursday, February 10, 2011

...find so doing

Been a busy few weeks, delivering shoeboxes to literally thousands of children. Plus, trying to get our kids ready for school at the same time. No time for sickness but sometimes you are forced to make time…. I went down with a 106 fever yesterday, after meds, the fever broke, but today I feel like someone beat me for 12 hours with a hockey stick… But that’s an improvement amen! Lisa just took all the kids shopping with her. It is always a sight when we do that. The first day of school was yesterday for the younger grades and Lisa lined them up for a photo. Our older children started last week, so they are all in school. Some in the mornings some in the evenings, some in the city some across the street. Living by faith is always best, but it can be nerve-racking. I jokingly tell people it’s like jumping out of a plane without a parachute… The first time is the hardest but it gets easier thereafter. Three weeks ago I did not know how we would get them all in school with all the bills… Yesterday they all went. Skillfully cutting corners where we could. Lisa altered uniforms, others made at a bargain price, just enough unscheduled funds came in to buy what was needed, normally only a day before a purchase must be made, sometimes the same day. Head out to the store knowing there was no money in the bank last evening, check the atm and presto…buy what’s needed. Most folks want more tangible security than what we live with… but so did the 11 other disciples who did not walk on water. I can study, pray, preach and teach but nothing draws me as close as obedience and living by faith. If the LORD tells you to get out of the boat (or plane) you might well do it. For only then can you truly get close to the Saviour. The price will be much higher if you do not. Went to Lenaca and Santa Teresa to give out shoeboxes, saw several adult decisions for the LORD made. Pastor Augusto chose to distribute them as I would want to do. Using them to get into homes not normally open to him and witness. Amen! Click on the photos and enlarge them and ask the Holy Spirit to give you a little insight of what we see… then pray.
This is a link to 32 raw photos used to do the post with for those who care to see more. Takes a while to upload but if folks like it I will try and do it more often..
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