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Monday, January 31, 2011


We have begun to distribute the shoeboxes. What a blessing it is to see the smiles. The photos do not do it justice. It is so hard to capture the real event in a photo. One little boy was sad faced, till he peeked into the box then ran screaming and giggling back to his mom. Plus they wear their best when they think we are going to take a photo… We have distributed in 4 locations so far, more today and this week. Have seen one dad trust the Lord who normal would not attend. Amen! It is always a touching time handing out the shoeboxes. One family in La Cruz Baptist lives along the river in a shack made from trash… but you would not know that in the photo. All you see is a clean child smiling with a shoebox. The only problem with the shoeboxes program…is we need so many more. We are always keeping the door shut some to limit how many we can give out. I will post more as we now need to go into the mountains. Pray we get the kia truck back on the road soon the alternator died and we have already temp fixed several times so we now need a new one. More money we don’t have. Some of the kids must start school tomorrow, the rest in a week or so… no one is ready yet. Just haven’t been able to do it all, will not be able to even transport the kids to school, purchase the things needed or deliver shoeboxes without the kia. The LORD knows…and I am sure many ministering saint are reminding him…
One added blessing this week Jr is schedualed to preach on the 12 of Feb...Amen!


At February 10, 2011 at 9:11 AM, Blogger Sherryl said...

Praying daily for your kids especially, and for you and Lisa and Barry Jr. Great to hear he will be preaching. What a praise the Lord that is. also praying that you be healed from the fever and that the others don't get it.


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