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Friday, March 4, 2011

Thankfully the rewards outweight the pains...

Been busy as usual. Had a preaching weekend in New Jerusalem Baptist church. The first night we ran the lights and PA off the kia inverter, but had a hum in the speakers from the new alternator. So the next night a generator was used and about 150 people visited the only light on the mountian. During the evening times it was open house and the church invited the community to hear Carlos preach(by flashlight to read your Bible). Our Lighthouse kids sang a special as well. At night the members from the local catholic church came to hear. Also the pastor and a few members from the Church of Christ came to hear. Carlos preached exactly what the LORD told him to with boldness. I think the LORD was pleased and many were under conviction. In the AM service we loaded the KIA with church folks and went to a mountain river to baptize in a beautiful early church type setting. It was a time of preaching on the riverbank and the baptisms were simply as the LORD led. Not predetermined, so we did not know if anyone would choose to enter the water. As I stood in the water, a few more deeply felt questions were asked by those considering, then the first person came forward wanting to follow Christ in a believers baptism. Amen.
Since I had baptized 12 folks in the AM service, a baptism message became very poignant considering the visitors we had.

Yesterday the school teachers were on strike so we opted to make a drive to the capital with everyone and visit an interactive child science museum called Chiminike. It was right up my alley for those that know me. A little sparse by US standards but well done and the guides made it a wonderful time for the kids. I was very impressed when I walked in to see a real moon rock as the first exhibit. Donated to Honduras by Nixon in 72…Stolen in 1984 but found in a bank sting in the USA about 10 years ago, sent back to nasa then returned to Honduras in 2007. (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stolen_and_missing_moon_rocks ) The big nose that sneezes when all the children tickle the inside. Got a picture of Jenny coming out the giant digestive system… She fought me playfully and wanted the camera to delete the picture when I turned her around to see what she came out of… Hilarious reaction as her brain light came on and figured out what the photo was of. They laid me on a bed of nails, electrocuted me and the kids with a tesla coil, played on the life size operation game, sniffed the smell machine that copies body smells with amazing accuracy and strength. Here kids put your nose here and poof the worse smells possible right up the nose, even your tongue is trying to distance itself from your nose…yuck. A neat model of the hydrologic cycle that was interactive with all kinds of water wheel, pumps and ways to make floods to wash out the houses on the river or fish ect. A working radio and tv broadcast area operated by the children, Banking weights, pulley and levers and a wacky playground rope tree outside of the inverted house where things role uphill. It was 6 hours of driving for a 3 hour visit but worth it from the smiles of the kids. Not bad for $2 per child. Much better than regular ol “school”


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