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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Preaching on the mountain top

Saturday Jr was given another opportunity to preach in Los Tererros with Pastor Enemesio. Afterwards they handed out the last of our Christmas Shoeboxes to a very thankful group of children. Lourdes and her mom helped Jr and Enemesio distribute to many children. We also gave some special baby boxes to the young girls with babies (under 14) that Lourdes’ family accepted into their home, similar to our Lighthouse children. To get a perspective imagine a typical American church family accepting some of the problematic church bus kids into their home to care for…I am humbled in so many ways here.
Brother Marc Antonio preached with Carlos in San Geronimo and saw 2 adults trust the LORD Saturday as well. It was exciting for Marc Antonio because the folks had been faithful to services for a long time and he had been praying for them to get their eyes opened. Saturday was their day of salvation, Amen. Special service for revival start this Saturday in Santa Teresa. Carlos will be preaching For Pastor Augusto and they asked me to baptize Sunday as well…amen! Might be sleeping on the mountain…
Had some men visit from a ministry that drills water wells. It was short and I am not sure what to think. To be encouraged they are considering us or that they think our area might be too hard to drill…So we could definitely use prayer, we really need clean water.


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