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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Some listen, some learn the hard way...

Jr and the men were working on the poles and running the electric today at the Lighthouse property. Did not quite finish before some needed to leave for church.(different nights). They got all the insulators in place and the cable run, also borrowed a line pole to turn off the main power 25,000v. Been hemorrhaging(seems like that when you dont have much) what funds we have on this little project. Hope to get working soon, need water hauling water for a household of 26 is not fun and uses up alot of your day. Still more to do and purchase to reroute the meters to the highway like the electric company wants.

We need to get Lisa from Indiana to New Hampshire for dental work the 1st week of August after her visit with a cancer specialist. If anyone in NH wants Lisa to visit, or help getting her to or from NH, let us know. She needs someone to stay with and a way back and forth to dentist Wend/ Thurs. She needs a lot of work done so not sure what she will be up to doing, but she said she wanted to try.

Honduras national holiday "Day of the Indian" was today. And all the schools celebrate it. I picked up a little traditional material and had the sister of one of our new church "members" sew a few dresses in the time-honored manner. And Tono dressed as a baquero (cowboy) and won the schools grand prize voted on by applause, the other girls also won in their grades.

Had to run to hospital with Duman this evening to get stitches, He picked up a power tool the men were using to cut bolts and cut his leg. Not too bad but definitely in need of stitches, Thankfully not an artery.

The ER doctor prescribed antibiotic injections and tetanus shot. So picked them up on the way home. I just gave him the lecture and the shots. Not sure which was more painful….


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