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Saturday, July 30, 2011


Sometimes you just gotta make a few footprints. The kids have been bugging me to go out and do something for days. After the clean up time for inspections, set up for church services, school exams, ect, they wanted to get away. Hard to do when school is at different hours and days for part of them and weather or funds don’t cooperate. So Friday was the day, no school and a bright sky, just loaded them up with the makings of ppj lunch and off we went to the beach. Tono brought a hymnal and they were singing all they way out. It was a perfect day only about 90 degrees with a steady 10mph breeze coming off the water. And since it was not a holiday or anything, we were again all alone, the only footprints on the beach for as far as you could see. I never have figured out how this much work can be relaxing but it does have that effect. I might be confusing exhaustion with relaxation. Work you say? Yes watching 21 children 4-15yrs old mostly 10s as a lifeguard alone for 8 hours is tiring, as well as for the kids. A church that visited 3-4 years ago made modest swim wear for the girls. Its the clothing we have gotten the most time out of. The girls have outgrown and passed them around but they're the only clothes that have lasted more than a few months and have been a real blessing. Could use more... The only hiccup of the day was on the way home with all the wet ones in the pickup bed, it began to rain… hard, but hey it only served to rinse a little more salt and sand off them before they got in the house. Today they are all too tired to play and just want to rest…great news for me. A $15 dollar day worth every penny…or centavo


At July 30, 2011 at 5:50 PM, Blogger Robin said...

Bro Ritchie! What a wonderful post! Love hearing you just having a good time with the kiddos! What a blessing for all. Do you have any pics of the kind of swimwear you are looking for? Also, do you need clothes for the children? As always, praying!!!!


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