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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

A Long Day

Cindy went in for surgery at 7am and they rolled her out at 11 am to remove a growth around the base of her tongue that would grow to the size of a grapefruit if left alone. She was in pain as they put her in her bed but it only took a little reassurance from papi to get her calm again. The photos in the top right are her last week. By request we stopped for a frosty on the way home this evening. Get home with Cindy to find Jr with a tick buried deep in his ear canal. Lisa brought home an ear scope from the USA last trip and I was able to fish it out and clean up the blood with peroxide. As I finish Lisa walks in teary eyed and says our 2 year old great dane security dog just died. He has had a hard life and has been sick since we got him as a puppy, then bit from a poisonous snake at 6m old and almost died then. Did not have extra funds or time for a vet this time, was not sure what was wrong, like he just gave up trying. So Jr and the kids are burying him right now. May have been poisoned not sure. The way things have gone lately it’s a possibility.

Yesterday… Just yuck, Someone broke into where we have church services defecated on the floor and spread it all over the rough cement walls with a toilet just 5 feet away… I could really use a pressure washer right now. Had a boy asked us to pull out his dad who was stuck near us. Head up the tiny cow path a mile or so and find a Toyota 4x4 stuck in the mud. Pull him out only to find he is the pastor of the cult in the mountain that has been giving Pastor Augusto a hard time...hmm. The man with a tractor(who couldn’t fit) wanted to charge him I did it free, just smile and put a few coals on the fire…Rom 12:20-21 Amen

While at the Hospital, Pastor Santos’ family called needing a ride to the hospital because they said he was having stroke like symptoms. I have not heard back since.

Had a bank robbery yesterday in town and 4 youth were killed in another late night street robbery with a 5th in icu. To show you how quick our justice can be the police caught the bank robbers already and according to the news they were already sentenced to 27 years in jail…48hours from robbery to jail.. hmm. Now if I could only get the ones tearing up our fence and cutting down our trees… just fixed it a couple of days ago. always have need of prayer....


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