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Monday, December 5, 2011

Gooder and Gooder

Update: Cindy doing well, will visit Dr Fri to remove stitches. But moving her head, healing well and playing. The Holy Spirit seems to be moving through the family these past weeks.

Bessy, One of our abused Lighthouse children, came to me asking for salvation Sunday evening. She came in heavy hearted saying “papi I need to talk to you”. She said the same thing earlier in the afternoon but said she wanted to wait till she could talk privately. I only asked why several times and she already had all the answers breaking into tears as she spoke… and in tears, weeping she just prayed on her own. I have been blessed so many times in witnessing this miracle of a new birth, and thankful the LORD made my worthlessness worthy to participate as one who rolls away the stone. Amen

It gets better, or as we used to joke on the church bus gooder and gooder.

Julie came in too, saying the same thing, I need to talk, but for a different reason. She shared how the LORD has been working on her heart and she now feels she would like to be a missionary. She would like to do our jobs in the future and take care of the Lighthouse. My private hope has been one of the children here would one day take the reigns. She previously wanted to cook and maybe start a restaurant. She still wants to learn to cook but feels the LORD is directing her desires to a different path… A ministering saint sent a surprise pacage in the mail just for Julie that we picked up today. Had a nice long skirt and shirt set… strange timing? I think not. Amen!

Today’s is Korina’s birthday(Jenny’s little sister) I asked her Saturday what she wanted while out driving and she said to visit her older sister(where she used to live). I relented against my better judgment.. cuz it was her BD and all. She was scared to return, heart racing and ducked behind my seat when we pulled up. She got out and found most of them could care less. The older half sister (36) talked a few minutes then ignored her telling me of all her problems wanting me to turn on her electric because her man will not. A halve brother did not even turn to say hi when walking by even though they all called out repeatedly. The dad moved to a different city. She got back in the kia in just a few minutes wanting to leave. Today she was giggly happy when I suggested going out with Lisa for a dress or something after lunch (special lunch made by her request). A few minutes later several girls came in saying Korina is crying in the bedroom. I went to find out “now what?”. When I asked her she said she was not crying because she was sad… she was crying because she was so happy and did not want to go back living like she did… You needed no fire to melt me… I am glad she did not ask for anything else at that moment, else I would have felt obliged to give it to her no matter the cost…Amen.
We will be doing our first baptismal service in the Lighthouse Baptist church on Sunday, should be several of our children and several adults… We will see. Taking them all to the river. Amen!

unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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