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Monday, January 2, 2012

Would you wash Jesus’ feet? Mat 25:40

Feeling a little rested after a long weekend. Friday we preached in San Geronimo. Lisa had made up the same little gift bags for children and bagged up some clothes to give away unannounced to the faithful. We buy used clothes bundles for $300 (bailed like hay) and it is much cheaper than shopping individual for the kids. The bundles are from the states from goodwill ect and sold on the streets here. If we go direct to the suppler, we buy them wholesale like the vendors. But the result is a lot of clothes not used which we share. Saturday received just enough in the bank for Lisa to food shop a bit and we decided to make a spaghetti watchnight service with smores and a few roadside fireworks and sparklers for the church. I was surprised how many came out on short notice. Kintine, our oldest man has become attached to Lisa’s cooking. As Lisa and the girls were serving he saw the spaghetti and smiled saying to Lisa… “I’m going to need a full plate of that”. Keep in mind a typical Honduran spaghetti is literally just a little ketchup and pasta. Lisa makes it hearty Italian…( of course, cooked outdoors on an open fire in a 7 gallon aluminum pot made from melted down car wheels and soda cans…) His grandson is the young child in the photo just tickled slurping in pasta. I was laughing watching him eat. Lit the bonfire and it roared to life 20' high in our 90 degree 11pm temps, had to hose it to keep the trees from catching on fire. Taught the folks how to roast marsh- mallows and make smores. Which was a huge hit. It all must have been a main attraction because outside the gate a large crowed gathered just to watch the church activities. One photo of Karen in front of the fire spoke volumes to me. Ending just after midnight, but by the time we cleaned up and got kids in bed it was after 2am. Then prep to leave at 6am for the mountain and preach in Santa Teresa.

Before morning church, I began to notice everyone’s dusty dirty feet from walking to church and took a few photos. Remembering the time I washed feet here as an illustration of being a servant of Christ Jesus. Dont think it would have quit the same effect in the USA. The difference here is it does not loose its meaning because it is needful, understood and something they all do if water is available yet is humbling for all. I have tried to live with this mindset and found it is a privileged position very few care to seek. The special blessings that flow from the LORD in this can be found no other way. Nor can it be enticingly explained, because if it could, all would seek the blessing rather than the glory of the LORD thus making it of no heavenly value. It is filled with heartache, pain and suffering as was the cross… followed by unspeakable joy. 1 Peter 1:7-8.

I handed out candy and things during the kids service and a few bigger prizes during an answer/question time. When they all left only one boy returned to hug me, say happy birthday and thank you. I then gave him all I had. I thought about the 10 lepers of which only one returned to give thanks… Honduras has taught me much. Rush down the mountain for services at the Lighthouse, then take Marc Antonio back to the hospital where he is caring for his mother who had a stroke thursday.
We have a teacher coming this month to help start the school but is only planning to stay 3 months. The only place we have to house her is the place the church meets for services. So we have dug a foundation in hopes the LORD provides enough to build a small multi purpose space. Ie a roof and columns with a floor. It will be where we meet for church services, chapel ect. I just put up the sail, the Lord provides the wind and direction. Our most frequent email is the bank saying low balance alert, like this morning. So now this, as well as school classes need to be finished in 4 weeks. As for my birthday… just did not have time for that, so maybe I'm not any older, my mind thinks so, but my body says otherwise and shows it's evidence.


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