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Tuesday, July 10, 2012

New beginnings

We have had our 2 week summer break for school and now starts the next grade year. Our school year is 6 months with just a 2 week break. Lisa has been working hard to make it work and get all the supplies she needed. We also separated higher and lower grades. The kinks seem to be working out, if I can just keep enough fuel in it to keep it flying.

We lost some support in the last few weeks which always hurts. Even more so for us, because we are operate on just a fraction of normal missionary support and we cannot change our commitments, so just do with less and less. If you know of a church willing to support or resupport us please put our name out there.

Another blessing, We had a surprise visit from a church group passing through who brought a craft time program for the kids. Having them draw the backdrop and for their skit. It was a few hours of fun for the children. They also asked about our water situation and offered to help finish our well...time will tell. That would be a big burden lifted.

Jenny came to church again and while taking her back she asked if she could go "home" for the night. Meaning our house so I turned around and went home. In the morning she woke and wanted to make me breakfast. It was sweet. Her whole heart is still not here, nor has full repentance taken hold in her heart, but the battle is active and at least the spirit now has a fighting chance. She left in the evening after spending the entire day with me doing errands because she did not want to just sit while the kids were in school. Please keep her in prayer it may be the difference that tips the scales.

We are hoping to have some big news in a few weeks pray that all goes well and pleases the LORD. Several irons in the fire so to speak.


At July 10, 2012 at 10:08 PM, Blogger Elliott Parfitt said...

With you on my knees Brother...
Elliott P.
Son of God and Country


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