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Monday, October 22, 2012

Out of the mouth of babes...

We had an outreach to the community this week with 6 public schools under preaching. It kind of started out as an accident. One of the teachers came and asked if they could meet here and have a public meeting about putting electric in their kindergarten building. 50 adults or so. Seemed like a simple enough request and the reasoning was the schools were muddy and hard to bring folks to and having classes. Lisa said yes and I did not object… My only requirement was that we could hand out tracts to visitors and have a time to preach.. They sad fine… Some how that “yes” became an inter school soccer match with us hosting the event…So six schools showed up… It went off with only one hitch, the candy cannon barrel exploded. Thankfully no one was hurt as it shot up like a rocket and candy falling out like a plum of smoke. If you look close at the kids faces in the one photo you will see their reactions. The other great reaction I had this week was with Carlita. She is always eager to run in and give hugs. I was talking to a couple of other children at my desk and she came in, As she passed the screen on my desk I slammed down a book hard and gave her a stern stare like I was mad. She about went to cry with a look of desperation and fear on her face. Just a moment before I let her in on my little ruse she threw up her hands anyway and fell on me for a hug, saying I love you papi. I felt guilty and joyful at the same time. When I let her in on it she laughed in relief then in joy as she began to tell all the others for the next ½ hour how funny it was…. I think the faith of the young child to fall into the arms of the father is a perfect spiritual example for all of us to follow… Amen! Out of the mouth of Babes thou hast perfected praise


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