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Monday, August 20, 2012

Keep praying

Had a blessing in family devotion on Friday and church, but kind of a rough weekend otherwise. Little, almost 4, Omar was first to pop up and say I want to pray in devotions. I was pleasantly surprised. Did well at that. Pastor Augusto’s son Minor preached for the first time in church teaching a difficult topic and did a great job. A first birthday for Magaby. Lisa whipped up a few things to make it memorable for Magaby and her mom Norma. I brought out the bounce house and she did a piñata and games. Lisa got stung by a scorpion earlier. If you have never had that treat, it is a sensation crossed somewhere between a wasp sting and getting tazed by the police. It also makes your lips and tongue numb and food taste funny for a few days. During this time frame we had a teacher who was sent by a friend to interview spend a little time with the kids and asked to help us. When she finished I took her and another teacher home along with a few kids with me to do some errands. While I was gone and Lisa was alone and little sick and the 14 boys we have in the house chose this time not to listen and be rowdy since the power went out all weekend. (boys still not worn out in the bounce house and hyped on candy) I ended up having 2 flats this weekend. After dropping off the teacher way up in the mountain, the first was with no tools to change the tire or remove the spare, Why? I don’t know, borrowed I guess. Pouring rain at night with 3 kids and a baby with me on a muddy road. Finally got word to Jr and he ventured out on the motorcycle in pouring rain to bring a jack and borrow tools to change the tire. He hit a big pothole and bent and cracked the wheel on his motorcycle badly. By the time he arrive I had already bent the rod to remove the spare. Rocks and dirt were stuck in the gears and it would not move. Wet, dirty frustrated and tired I let the younger guys finish. A neighborly young man stopped to help out with a flashlight. Finally got the spare on and headed home only to have the wheel come loose, roll under the truck then down the paved highway just 2 miles later. Could have been catastrophic had I not heard a noise and slowed down looking for a place to pull off and check. Jr passes by and goes to get tools again. (Did not take his cell because did not want it wet.) While installing the spare the lug wrench broke as well. We took lug nuts from other wheels and finally I got the only 2 remaining studs to hold on the spare. While fighting the lug nuts, one of our church members in the mountain was passing by in a bus and thought jr wrecked because of the odd angle of the motorcycle (to use the light to see) and the fact we were laying on the ground and the kia hub was on the ground blocking part of the road. He called our mountain pastor and told him Jr was badly hurt in an accident on the highway. So he came down to check on him. (Side note. Our pastor's wife in another mountain heard similar news about another motorcycle wreck near where he was preaching and could not contact him and thought the worse. To his confusion, when he walked in she began to cry and hug him.) I finally got home to no electric or water, grimy, dirty, hot, sweaty, and did not want to get my bed dirty so I just slept in the kia. Managed to get a little cleaned up before church because the power came on for about 10 minutes before blowing the high power line fuse on crossing our property. Loosing the wheel did some damage to the cab and air intake as well as brakes ect. It is at the mechanics now and will cost about $500 to get it roadworthy again and another $100 for the motorcycle of Jr. Weee…. Choices?… fix kia or pay electric? Hmm Neither seems to make it a month without issues. J Lester has been doing much better but for some strange reason spiked a high fever and regressed to breathing hard. Lisa cooled him down with meds and bathing and got him on breathing treatments again. Seems better now but unsure of what is going on. Keep us in prayer we use them all and often depend on them...Mechanic called today  8/21/12 and the price is now over $800 to fix the kia..oh my achin head. Weee. Time to pray...


At August 30, 2012 at 11:10 AM, Blogger Robin Reynolds said...

My Dear Brother,

My eyes fill everytime I read your blog. I love coming to it many times a week and rereading if there isn't a new post. Then looking at the pictures of all those precious souls....I am so thankful that there is someone willing to give up all the comforts of America to love those that are unloveable to others. So thankful you and Sister Lisa are there for those sweet souls. Praying for you guys and for all the children and souls you reach daily!! Also praying earnestly for the KIA and motorcycle, that there will be some way to come up with the funds to fix it!


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