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Friday, July 27, 2012

Field trip - living by faith

I have been wanting to take the children on a trip to visit some of the treasures of Honduras for 6 years. But time and money are always at issue. Money mostly, our resources are limited and there is always a more pressing matter like lights, food, medical, broken car ect. I wanted a few good things to come from the passing of my mom last month. One was to build churches, the second to put a lifelong great memory in the children. We turned it into a school field trip with the older children, Jr and both teachers. Fifteen of us on the road for a week traveling Honduras. We visited the Copan Ruins, The hot spring thermals, Doctor/friends in SanPedro, and the gulf coast. We snorkeled the Conch Islands 22 km off the coast and saw the beautiful coral reefs, ate a fish lunch on the little island where Blackbeard the pirate used to dwell making memories for a lifetime. There is a different attitude in the north, even the taxi drivers are nice. The natives on the island invited us to stay with them next time(no hotel there). Of course we did the trip on a Honduran budget rather than fancy safe tourist style…Ie local food not fancy restaurants and the boat we took was a local fisherman and had a motor fail but was changed after borrowing one from another fisherman. And the crack in the hull below our feet that let in a little water each time we hit a wave… just added a little thrill and faith to the voyage. Patricia kept staring at the crack worried. On the way back the seas were rough 5-6 foot swells both men driving both motors full throttle to barely able to pull us against contrary currents. She looked up and asked me ”Is there a problem?”. “No“, then she leaned over fell asleep in my arms a few moments later. Just leave the worries to papi… At the thermal spring I lost my wallet but did not know it till the next morning. We drove all the way back and the operator opened the place and let the kids look. They finally found it right after the rest of us stopped to pray. The LORD seemed to guide every step and we found what was needed for each part of the trip… And the Holy Spirit worked in the hearts of several, healing wounds and putting aside weights that were besetting. Amen!

Now for the special update. We got back in time for a scheduled meeting with child services. Lisa went with a few of the kids to visit and the Judge begged and almost insisted we take more kids…10 more. Still not sure of all the situations about them but Lisa picked them up today. We now care for 26 children in our home… Just a few glimpses of their stories, A blind young girl who was being sold to old men by the mom (to by drugs?) till she became pregnant and she has a baby now 11 months old, 2 orphans, a young boy who was being sold by mom as well. A very abused malnourished baby, 8 months old and cannot hold up his head and black an blue from knees to back and head, and has breathing issues, a couple of street kids with no records ect.

To say the least we really need prayer and feet to go with it…

The kia had been at the mechanics all week before leaving on the trip. When we picked it up, it did not last long enough to get supplies home for the trip. So at 4 pm we began looking for parts to fix what the mechanic could not/did not. He tried 3 times. So I bought what we needed and installed new alt and pump by the light of a cell phone. Then headed out at 5am on a week long hard drive adventure, wondering every moment if it would last. It did till we got back. Lisa pick up the kids today and just before arriving at the house pop and the belts let go and took out the radiator hoses. Wee. we need to pick up drinking water but have no transportation. And 29 thirsty folks in the house… Need another vehicle…and the bus seems like a greater need now…just not sure how to make it happen.

Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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