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Monday, September 3, 2012

Exhausting your Guardian Angel

I will be the first to admit. I do not know how the LORD keeps us afloat, but float we do. Clothing, food, housing, medical education, car repairs and various incidentals for a house of 30+ people, plus help folks in several church plants. Help pastors in various needs and emergencies. One preacher wrecked his motorcycle after hitting a pothole. Finally got his wife to go with him to visits and hit a big pothole at night bending the forks of the motorcycle. He and his wife are bruised and scraped up. Sent Jr to the capital to pick up a package (overnighted new debit card) and he too hit a pot hole 2.5 hours away and broke the rear spring on the motorcycle (just got the rim replaced). Took him 8 hours to get back. He is welding it back together. Why send Jr? Because Kia is still down after the wheel came off. Have several kids in need of shoes, all 11 of the new ones plus a few others. Most need clothing as well but no funds to do “extras”. Just happy to pay last months electric by the end of this month before it gets cut and keep food on the table (one of the biggest expenses). The amazing thing is we always get through the month no matter the stumbling block put in our path. The LORD has taught us to always be content in all things and that He always provides what is needed at the appointed time…And that our perceived needs and time are not always His… Amen.
Sent Lisa out to do errands and let David see his grandmother. Lisa comes home with 2 more children, premature babies. One the mother died in childbirth and the other snuck out leaving her baby behind. Lisa stopped for paperwork for the newest kids, when they saw her knowing we had experience with premature children they begged her to take them. Then went to the hospital and when the doctors (who we argued with about Lester) saw Lisa they too insisted Lisa take them saying they will be in good care with her. The news media got involved at the hospital and now the child services, judge and tv cameras may be at the Children’s Lighthouse property to do a story on the baby….maybe good time to take supplies to the mountain churches J ..uhg kia is broke cant escape. Lester is finally doing better and not having the reoccurring fevers. We treated him for malaria and the change was rapid. Amen! Katherine is back. She ran away back in Jan. She called from a family we know crying and begging to come home. Just so happened the people from child services were sitting with me at suppertime when she did. I went to pick her up late that rainy night. She entered the car hugged and cried pleading for forgiveness and wanting to do right. She just collapsed in my arms in tearful repentance. On the drive back, I made a subtle comment about the jewelry she had on and without angst or hesitation she tossed them out the window and said Papi I am back because I want to do right… Ok I was melted butter at that point. She began to open up on the drive home. She had run away from another place as well and then the mom(who did not want her previously) found her took her in… to sell her. She was raped the first week away from us and finally the mom abandoned her in another city. She managed to get bus fare to get back to Choluteca and call. So far she has regressed back to the little girl she was before she left…but a little worse for wear. Time and the Lord heals all wounds.

We have 2 more outreaches for future church plants. Both are working with more than 20 adults and about 40 children. One halfway up the mountain the other on the opposite side of a town we have been working in. Both have property available to build on. One of the men in the mountain offered his time to help build if we would have steady services. And still trying to build 2 church buildings, but hard to do with a broke truck. So 28 children, 2 church buildings, regular church services here and 2 more church plants… and yet there is room… And a hint they want us to take the sisters of one of the new babies… 4 more? And Lisa walks in and says she doesn’t feel well and the dryer died…oh wee. Our few ministering saints need help… Like exhausting your guardian angel.


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