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Friday, September 28, 2012

A collage of events. We had another pastors meeting and discussed various outreaches. There is a lot of wisdom in these men and I have found myself leaning on it at times. Pastor Augusto has opted to take in children and we arranged for the preemie baby Ruth to be with him. We are helping him care for her special needs, preemie formula, diapers ect. His wife has wanted a baby girl for years, pray we are able to make this one permanent. It has lit a fire in his family to take more and raise them up for the LORD. The town made an offer to his mountain church called New Jerusalem. If we bought a transformer for the church and homes around the church to use, they would install the mile or so of poles and lines up the mountain (election year). Not knowing how but seeing the need, we said yes. A week later, at the mechanic fixing the Kia starter, I met a man who had a new transformer he did not need. Long story about a cell tower going up on his property and it was not needed and left when one company bought another ect ect. So we got a new transformer for about half price. Now the town is now surveying where to install the mile or so of poles and lines they promised. The mountain top will have physical light to teach about the spiritual light soon. Still need funds for the transformer so if anyone wants to help put light on the mountain it would help us greatly. We took up the transformer and more cement for the church and the boys offered to unload it… 100 pound bags on 75 pound kids… kinda fun to watch. A man named Rafael Dias might be in pastor training soon for a church plant in the mountains. Pray all the details work out. He seems to have a right heart for the things of God. We have a couple of other men wanting to work with us so we invited them to the pastors meeting and let the pastors talk with them. Consensus was their hearts and testimonies are not in the right place right now. Time will tell.

Lisa had ladies in our neighborhood come over to teach her and the girls how to make and cook tortilla (wink wink for those that know Lisa). Kind of like the apostle Paul asking someone how to be a missionary… But it opens up lines of communication. Amen. And of course the power goes out and finished the regular way on the outdoor fire. But they did get some pointers and even had Norma making a few. She needs this skill here even if she cant see how round they are. Add to this a couple of birthdays for the kids and Lisa teaching the teachers how to make cakes.

Mark Antonio wanted to do some door knocking and distribution so I gave him a box of JR. He said he needed more and I looked at the motorcycle smiling. Four boxes, He strapped them down with old bicycle tubes and off he went and a big fish in a bag on the handlebars…Amen. Then he tells me he hauled 5 bags of cement last week with it. Hmm. The well pump went crazy with high pressure and burst lines in several places. It ended up as a bad switch and bad bladder in the tank. Took the tank apart and fixed the bladder and new switch. Jr did that in-between rebuilding both his motor and Augusto’s motors on their motorcycles. Had to make a new gear for the oil pump for Jr’s Chinese motorcycle. Cut from a 3 inch piece of round stock ground at the machine shop and cut in new gears to match the crank. A weeks work… cost $50. And the photo of the two boys with ink on their faces. The new kids in school got a hold of the markers and took them to their room at night… fun and games and laughs for all till I said time to wash it off and don’t stop till its off…After a half hour of them scrubbing faces (fully exfoliated) time to let them in on the secret. Hand sanitizer. Takes it off in a few wipes due to the alcohol… but now feels like strong aftershave on a too close razor shave… Kids are fun if you can handle the headaches… Hmm they don’t want to do it again… But Im sure they will want to teach it to another one that doesn’t know better later… Boys are the same everywhere.

Please keep us in prayer, we would like to see more souls won to Christ and laborers. With those laborers more churches planted. Need more Bibles, John/Romans and tracts. Health for both Lisa and Me and the kids. Because of the circumstances of many of the kids we have, Doctoring is much needed. We test for aids when we are able. One of our new boys, it was requested we test him. We will when funds become available. Really do need to raise more support to do what the LORD has us doing, just glad the LORD is not tired of doing miracles here. Amen!



At October 2, 2012 at 10:19 PM, Blogger txranchermomof4 said...

Mr. Ritchie,

My name is Jesse Easley. My family and I are missionaries in South West Haiti. We drive a Kia 2700 diesel. I was wondering about getting different wheels and tires for it. As I searched the internet about it. I came across a forum where you had posted about lifting your Kia and putting a set of Stockton made wheels and super swampers on it. After several years of running your truck with those mods, would you still recommend it to me? Are you still very happy with it? If so, could you give me so greater detail about the kit/pieces you used for the body lift and the specs on the wheels you had stockton build? I am not sure of the bolt pattern on this truck, and I am not sure of the amount of backspacing you needed to run those tires. I do know that these little 14" tires are hard as a rock and don't give me much clearance. I deal with mud, but even more I deal with large rocks. Any thoughts?

Please email me at jesse@stillwaterrefuge.com



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