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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Just a brief update, Baby Lester is doing much better. Prayer, few meds, right food, love and attention; and like a flower wilted in dry soil, add water and it springs back to life. He already is much more interactive smiling, happy, holding his head up, sitting up, even trying to stand and use the walker. He has begun to gain weight with the special formula and the stomach swelling is lessening. I have seen this so often here. Children are amazingly resilient, give them what they are lacking and they begin to bloom. Since helping in the Hospital one of our preachers has gotten a burden to return more frequently and witness there. He also went to the catholic nursing home to preach and 8 people trusted the LORD. Amen. The house to house services in the mountains are also producing fruit. Keep us in prayer for it seems every gain comes at great costs. Our spiritual battles are still active making ministry more complicated than it need be. Like having to have a sword in one hand and a trowel in the other constantly. A ministering saint sent Julie a padded envelope with a few gifts and clothes in it. It does not happen often but our kids really enjoy receiving things in the mail. Thank you all for every remembrance and prayer.


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