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Thursday, August 2, 2012


Been a busy, just getting it done kind of week. Made 4 of maybe 50 trips up the mountain delivering 4-6000 lbs of building supplies each trip. The churches have cleared and leveled both properties to build. Hope to lay out the foundation lines Friday with Pastor Enemesio. Been hard with Lester in the hospital. Alba has stepped up to help a lot in caring for him daily in the hospital as well as various church members for 24/7 care. Nurses here do not “care” for babies so someone must be with him at all times. For normal care as well as get and administer meds and treatments. It has been a costly unexpected expense we were not ready for, both in money and time. Lisa makes trips in but while she is gone I have 25 others in the house to watch and school. While I am gone she does…Korina has also stepped up in caring for Alba’s baby while she is busy. Watching Lordes carry a baby while teaching or several children care for the babies in class and do their school work is inspiring in a way. Jenny visited Sunday for church not knowing we had 10 more children. When she saw Norma her heart was touched for someone beside herself. She helped her dress modestly and guided her on the walk to church sitting with her in church and on the playground and back home. I told her I wanted to teach Norma to be more independent, walk with a cane, know the house and property, do chores be more responsible for herself. To be more outgoing rather than just sit alone with her baby who is overly attached and as soon as she learns to walk will escape her control. She already does with the walker I picked up. Jenny opted to stay at least till Monday to help. She has gone with me on all the hospital runs and supply runs up the mountain taking Norma and the baby along as well. Through the hospital, through the hardware stores, and around the churches, Norma is willing to go anywhere Jenny does. It has also gives me time to talk with Jenny which has been fruitful. Time will tell if the Holy Spirit gains control.

As for Lester our 8mo old who was abandoned in the bed of a pickup, he still needs prayer. Just a few hours after we received him from the state workers, we ended up taking him to a hospital, now in over 5 days. He seems a little better but just a little. The hospital has run a bunch of test to determine what is wrong, but still unsure. Current list, bronchial pneumonia, Swollen/enlarged liver(why?), bloated stomach(why?), bad diarrhea, very malnourished. He is finally able to eat but just small portions. Several tests are yet to return, blood and stool work ups, aids test ect. And today Drs want Hepatitis AB&C run as well. Lisa is in town getting those done at a lab. Still not sure what is going on. Drs feel he would have died in a short time(days) in his previous unmonitored health. Even though he is in a state social hospital it still has many costs. Meds, care(someone must stay with him 24/7, hard with 25 others in house, treatments, tests ect, are all additional costs we did not have a week ago.
 Also trying to get supplies to and build churches in the mountain and situate 10 new kids in the house with the emotional grenades that always come with new arrivals…and still deal with all that we had going on before like today is Cristella’s birthday…weee. Honduras has taught me; one can live on so much less yet do so much more when the LORD is in control… Never a dull moment…even though we pray for one once in a while…


At August 3, 2012 at 7:25 PM, Blogger Elliott Parfitt said...

...and I thought farming 60 hr a week was busy!wheee is right... praying for you all


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