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Thursday, November 22, 2012

Beginning and the end of a day in Honduras. Stepped out of my bedroom in the morning to see several of the kids quietly reading their bibles… No greater Joy. The day before the last preachers meeting I needed to go to the mountain to talk to the man donating the water storage tank. The road was rough and hit several hard bumps that finally did in the frame on the Kia. The next morning while trying to align the wheels we found a crack. By the time I picked up a pastor for the meeting and got home it was broken in half. As Jr and I began to repair it we found major breaks in 5 locations on the frame. Good steel is hard to get here so we used old leaf springs to re-weld and strengthen the frame. We worked late into the night. Jr did a good job, better than any here would do, but still my confidence in welding a flexible frame is not too high. The mechanics and body men know what I mean. But that being said, we loaded it up the next day taking cement and rebar up the rough mountain road. And for today sand and gravel from the river. What good is a repair if it wont do what you need it to do? The church foundation in Lenaca is in and first layer of blocks done. Hopefully we will be in it by Christmas. And in Jan start on another in Colonia. Amen and several more to follow as the LORD provides and convicts hearts to help. While I was out Lisa put the boys to task and filled in a pothole on the highway in front of our property and showed a few more how to mow…though straight mower wheels would help. I was out picking up supplies and one of the children saw a rose bush for sale with a single red rose blooming. They knew I pick up a single red rose infrequently and give it to Lisa, and have done so for 30 years. They insisted I buy it for the $2 and give a living one to mommy for a change...ok Im game. Lisa liked it now to see if it grows. (2 points for husband thanks kids) I saw someone ask on one of those social networks “What would you do if your were independently wealthy and could do anything you wanted?" Some said travel ect, some even said give part to church… I thought for a moment. I would do the same as I am doing now just more of it…Building churches, taking care of orphans and widows…amen… As we finished dinner last night the kids walked out and looked up to a clear star lit sky and started to call for me to look. The moon was at just the right angle to the sun and us to reflect directly like a flashlight beam directly on us. It was focused over head and made a bright perfectly centered halo around the moon that slowly grew then faded into the horizon. I have seen much but that was a first. As christians we ought to give thanksgiving to our wonderful creator redeemer.. every day..It should be bubbling out of us if we have even the smallest idea of who he is and who we are....Happy Thanksgiving from Honduras...


At November 23, 2012 at 8:27 AM, Blogger Elliott Parfitt said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Praise the LORD and keep on the firing line!


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