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Friday, November 16, 2012

Honduran Thanksgiving.

We opted to combine and share our Thanksgiving dinner with our pastors meeting and have them bring family. Lisa began by making the cheese she needed for the cheesecakes and manicotti. We could not get a turkey so she found deli turkey breast lunch meat and made yummy turkey rolls as well as some traditional Honduran foods. It went over very well. All the pastors took a few moments to preach and give thanks, We gave out some church materials as gifts Then I got up and asked which is better sacrifice or obedience? Of course they said obedience. So I said The Bible tells you to love your wives…And I would set and example for them to follow and pulled out a rose to give to Lisa and gave her a kiss. Then gave each of the pastors a rose to give to their wives. That too went over well. In all it was a good day. One pastor is beginning a new work where we went a couple of weeks ago. He has 9 adults willing to meet for bible study so he will stay there for the next 2 weeks teaching. He asked today if I would come and do an evangelism day in December in 2 locations… Amen. We have another pastor wanting to plant another church as well but needs a motorcycle. They are about $1400 now for a new Chinese one. Anyone willing to help a pastor get a motorcycle so he can plant a church? Amen! Pastor Augusto brought the men he has been working with in his church and the new outreach mission.

I was looking for prices for a large water storage tank so we can have gravity feed water supply whenever the electric is out. Well a Honduran man here found out and bought it for us. Amen! The free $3300 dollar tank was delivered just a couple of hours before the meeting. Now for the only negative on the day… I broke the kia, no it did not break down, it broke in half. The frame broke on both sides at the torque/control arms. The only thing holding the entire front end under the truck was a break line on one side and a 1/2’’ piece of metal on the other…It made it home barely. Now the doors do not even close correctly on the cab. Could have been deadly at high speed. Jr and I will spend the next few days stripping it and welding it back together. I think it is time for a new truck. This is the 3rd place we have broken the frame. Wasn’t even hauling a load just driving on a bad Honduran road… One too many potholes I suppose. We have a church who has raised $12,000 for a new one but we need 9000 more. Any Ideas? Need prayer, was to begin building a church Monday on the mountain… We still will but Jr’s motorcycle doesn’t haul enough gravel and sand up to do construction…Not that we would not try. J Another strange sight today.. Saw a “confused” guy hauling a “voodoo” circus. But it was a truck tow a trailer, tow another trailer, that was tow a class c motor home that has no motor…We also saw police taking bribes from and illegal a liquor reseller in a mountain village. They had to step over the drunk guys passed out in front on the road to get in. Took photos of them and they license plate of the bike… Hmm.
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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