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Thursday, February 21, 2013

Love your enemies..

Long day yesterday, headed out early with a few kids to get building supplies for churches…and as soon as I got to town and the atm stop, got a call from one of our preachers for help. Needed to p/u a man from the hospital in Tegu and take him home up in the mountain in Choluteca. A 12 hour driving day, building supply money became fuel and food money. Stop a moment and pray because honestly not sure the kia will make it. Pray put it in the LORD's hands and go. Now the interesting part. The man was the town drunk/bar owner who for 20+ years would not listen to our pastor. He got hit by a bus and crushed his leg and hip. No one, not even his family would visit or help him in the Hospital…no one except the pastor. While he was in the hospital, incapacitated and sober. Pastor led him to the LORD. This is also the man that shot and killed our pastor’s cousin when they were younger. All eyes were on us as we drove through the village and carried him out of the truck at his home. When he finally realized we really did not want anything for helping he began to weep. Pastor said this will help him reach folks in the village more than any campaign outreach we could have done. 4x4 ambulance service comes in handy some times, at least in Honduras it does… The bible is alive in Honduras... Love your enemies.


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