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Friday, January 4, 2013

Glow in the dark monkeys...

A few photos from the wedding of our Son Jr. He is currently on his honeymoon. We have a church group here helping with the wedding and installing electric in a church and parsonage. The photos speak volumes. As I get more I will share more. I took the men way up the mountain to work on the electric…and left them there. With a hammock, bottle of Pepsi, mosquito net, and said when they were done I would be back. Good thing they know Spanish…or did they? What do we do when the American “protectors” are on a distant mountain? Give their kids explosives and let them play till they glow in the dark. Last night we shot off a few fire works then shut off the all the lights to see the stars clearly. Beautiful night. The group brought glow sticks.. what does one do with glow sticks while in Honduras? Cut them open and give them to the monkeys of course…now you have glow in the dark monkeys. The monkeys were having fun and didn’t die, so soon after… glow in the dark kids running all over. If only a camera could have caught the fun… One of the American kids said to his mom… It was all his dad’s fault… He left him alone with Mr. Ritchie… I’m good with that.

 Jr left with his bride on his motorcycle. The wedding was beautiful and we had pastors pray and ask a blessing on them. Today the men finished wiring the church on the mountain. The pastor was very greatful and it should help in many ways. Night church, Bible classes, schooling ect. The pastor really liked the way they back light the glass cross in the roof of the church for all to see when church was open. The men were very tired after "sleeping" in hammocks. But were able to finish because of starting at sunrise... Now more projects..Hmm Options options...electric in classroom, well and water tank, roof on church in lenaca, outreach in eyes of water, Foundation for Colonia church or one of another 99 project needs or just time with the kids as a christian testamony... Amen. Always busy about our Fathers business in Honduras!!


At January 4, 2013 at 7:48 PM, Blogger Miss Tam said...

Looking forward to the photos! Sounds like they had a blast! Hope the blog lets you post soon. Praying for you all.
Tammy (Jared's mom)

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At January 27, 2013 at 10:27 AM, Blogger Robin Reynolds said...

The wedding looks wonderful!!! Praise the LORD!!!

Just have to say Barry, Brother, you aren't the only one! I have done that with my kids. It was a BLAST!! I can only imagine the fun they had!!! Love it!!!

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