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Friday, December 7, 2012

..all things to all men, that I might by all means save some

Yesterdays outreach was full of pleasantries. Loaded our gear on the kia, packed lunches for the 10 going with us. We arrive to find one of the families going to the bible study insisting on feeding us. It was a Honduran beef soup, bones, banana peels and all. Quite humbling having the poor blind man’s family feeding you(orange shirt). But was a great time of fellowship. Our preacher has made 6 months worth of inroads in just a months time. Amazing by just showing you love and care and you are willing to sacrifice, you can work into the heart and a place at the table, so that your words of Christ do not fall to the ground… I think soul winning in the USA could use a lot of that. A teen that goes to mow a neighbor’s lawn for free will have a louder voice in a world of confusion than an unknown preacher in a suit knocking on the door… In these last days, I think our efforts must go back to the basics of the Bible truths and double or triple the effort. Something to think about. He knew all the men, women and children’s names, the various conditions of the families, he counseled the man with aids, he helped mend fences and lightened loads as he could. Anything offered to him he graciously accepts, but works doing some chore to give equity so none feel slighted. It was like he had always lived among them. He had been welcomed. A beautiful thing to watch. Now go read Matthew 10:10-13 and compare it to the soul winning you know… Gives me a deeper understanding of the verse all things to all men… We brought out the bounce house to share in the road and families came from all around. After a time, we put it away and preached a bit in the middle of the road. Inviting them to watch a short evangelistic movie. About 100 people showed up. Afterwards it was time for more pointed preaching. Numerous raised hands wanting salvation and the preacher promised to deal with each of them in their homes… Amen. As we loaded in the dark several asked when are we coming back because it was the first time anyone has done this kind of thing there…

There is a good groundwork for a small, poor church here grounded in the riches and grandness of God …Amen!


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