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Tuesday, December 11, 2012

A little bit of much...

The world is an odd place, full of blessing everywhere for those that seek them, and full of curses for those that don’t. This update will be a bunch of little to do’s about much. Any one of which could fill a page. The church on the mountain is still going up. The blocks are now at the top of the windows. Hoping to have a service in the building for Christmas…I don’t know, it will be a photo finish if we do. Need a lot more $ for roof about $1200 and need money for chairs ect. Need 100 chairs at about $5 each. After unloading more blocks on the mountain we got a mountain cell call. What’s that? Someone yelling to wait from the top of one mountain to the folks on the other. Turns out one of the church ladies was 9+ months pregnant and needed a ride quick to town. She was alone at the time and had no family around. We raced her to the hospital and she delivered an 8 lb boy just a couple of hours later. She insisted to our kids on the trip down she was having a girl… ops. Mom and baby are doing well. Amen!
The second VBS also went well, Loaded the kia 2x bringing kids in, had 140 in services. Our church service at the Lighthouse was packed again. What a blessing. And we had a couple of special visitors- Iris and Bessy. Received a sweet, very repentant phone call this week and them begging to come to church. We talked and wept for a couple of hours. I was basically preaching hard at her, yet she responded positive to all I said. Iris had not read a bible(nor had one) in near a year, nor had she prayed or gone to church even once. Her spirit was starving. Her and Bessy repeated more times than I could count I’m sorry daddy, I’m sorry. I love you. She texted me 20-30 times similar messages saying thank you for not closing your heart to me. She felt alone in the world and abandoned by God. She said the only place she learned to do right was with us. They came to church Sunday visited some with the family and literally skipped down the path with them all the way to church. It was a freedom she had not had in a long time. Those that know what happened about a year ago understand the significance of this. All I could do is bow my head in thanks under the mighty hand of God. Another highlight this week was a faithful young teen girl named Glenda. She comes to church with her sister and has done so since we started. She is also in our school. About a year and a half ago the Lord burdened me to help her smile. At only 13 her teeth had mostly rotted out. She would never smile and was very timid. I told her my desire to help and to start praying how. It took more than a year but we arranged and paid for a set of dentures. One of our church ladies is a dentist and did it for cost. Really really cheap by US standards. So after several weeks of dental work she now has a proud smile and a lot more confidence. I asked Patricia to take a few photos of her smiling before church, they took off and did so. She climbed a tree in her dress and smiled as big as she could for the world. I had to laugh when I saw the pictures. When I was taking everyone back home Glenda did not want to get out of the truck for a moment…tearfully she said “thank you” then added something very humbling. She said “Your family are the only ones who love me, You’re the only dad I have ever had” … I was speechless. Our pastor who was robbed up north is having a hard time. No funds to live up there and no funds to return with. Not sure what to do at this point because we are always short and already gave him what we could. The demands of our resources are always more than we have… but never more than our Father has. Amen! Keep us in prayer we use them all,.. many times more than once!


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