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Monday, December 3, 2012

A trowel in one hand a Bible in the other

Just a quick update. It is amazing we still burn even when there seems to be no oil in the lamp. The construction is still ongoing even though the funds I inherited from my mom have all been spent on materials. It should be ready for a roof in 2 more weeks Amen! Have not bought that yet just waiting for a miracle. Been 7 years waiting for this project. I use to be the only one going up there because the road was so bad. It is where most of the damage on the kia came from. The government dozed a road a while back and now there is a bit more activity on the mountain. Mormons make regular visits and the catholic church just finished a new building near by…Paid for by the local Honduran government… and building a second just a ½ mile farther away… I often feel very outnumbered… At least I know the truth wins in the end… The view is from the back of the church down the mountain. The arrow is the second church building in Colonia (VBS Saturday) We want to start construction in January if the LORD allows. Most of the materials are there in place just waiting for us and a wee bit more $$. There is no love of money in this guy, I hate it. It gets in the way of all we want to do here… :-) Oh well… Amen!


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