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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Proverbs 16:7

Took a drive out to Eyes of Water yesterday and took the boss of the only well drilling company we have here with me for a meeting of the village to discuss a well. Our pastor has become a key to this and if it all works, will open a door even wider for a church plant. The village has been battling this for 8 years, but infighting and distrust has kept it from happening. Even had a government study done 6 years ago and collected enough funds available to do it, though everyone is still holding on to their parts. The problem has been no one trusting anyone to do it. Arguing over even little things like who will pay $5 bus fair to go get someone to give an estimate. Then we enter and our pastor makes inroads and builds trust. Now they all want him/us to head the project. Watching it all transpire and Pastor Ruis controlling the crowd was a thrill to watch. The drilling man walked all the sights gave his recommendations of where and how to supply the village water, with pastor and village elders in tow. No arguments just smiles and agreement. Where lines are to run, tank to be put, well to be drilled and how to get equipment in place. All the while Pastor Ruis confirming with each property owner permission to do so. The line of the day was “The eyes of water has no water…are we going to fix that?” About 100 homes and 2 schools total will be directly fed and the whole area will have free clean drinking water affecting 2500 people. I have some of the men coming to Choluteca Friday to discuss pricing with the drilling company and offered to pay for a hotel room. So they would have no worries about getting back. The survey done by government officials 6 years ago was at least 25% overpriced even by today’s standard according to the driller. So I hope all are pleasantly surprised. I think it is doable and very needful. Only 2 possible outcomes; great or a blazing crash, I am praying for the former. If it crashes it wont be for lack of trying. Amen! All thing to all me that by all means…Amen amen. When we started here a few months ago a few of these men had threatened our pastor…now they are trusting him. When a man’s ways please the Lord…


At March 6, 2013 at 10:07 AM, Blogger Zac Hopkins said...

awesome that water is coming, amazing how God works in the hearts of men.true wisdom...when a mans ways please the Lord,he maketh even his enemies to be at peace with him!


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