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Sunday, December 2, 2012

I got nothing....

First day of VBS in one of the mountain churches. Our school years are different than USA. We have been meeting under the old tree for about 4 years. Time to build a meeting house. Most of the supplies are there but still need roofing and more cement. Hope to start on it in January. The walls of the other church farther up the mountain are 5 blocks high. Hoping to be in it by Christmas if funds and the welded together kia allow. Hauling up more blocks Monday. The VBS went very well. Carmon showed her teaching talent from the LORD. She took what little we had and made it into a great lesson and vbs program. Prepackaged Sunday school lessons, VBS programs ect. are sometimes ok,… but there is no substitute for folks sold out to serve the LORD. They can take whatever they are given and teach and connect with folks from the heart. I was talking to the workers on the way back down. The best teaching, the best preaching, comes from the overflow of what God is giving you, not from your supply. If the teacher/preacher is starving spiritually how can they have enough to share effectively with others?… But if they are overflowing with the knowledge of what God is teaching them … that is when the Lord works in hearts. There is a fervor of authenticity in the speaking… As one who walked with Jesus. It was a joy to see.

Woke up this morning to a bunch of boys with green marker all over their faces and them bewildered how it got there.… even the youngest 4 year old. Yet three of the boys had no markings at all…. Hmm not rocket science… Had to hold in the laughter and put on the mad face and deal with the situation. At least they are not shaving off each other eyebrows…yet. Maybe save that treat for visitors :-)

What do you do when you run out of money, have no food in the kitchen, bills due, 30 mouths to feed, and still have days to go at the end of your month? Likely not what we do…What is that you say?…
Take in another child. Why? Because our nothing is more than her nothing… Lisa went to town to drop off paperwork to child services and they begged her again to take another. Not sure of all the details but the little I know is not good. She had been repeatedly sold, she was full of head and body lice. Mom died of "cancer" (normally means aids here) when she was little. Dad is in prison. Her "step mom" worked a in a street circus. It is too early to see her real side come out but in the short time she has been here she kind of just fits in. She seems a little slow in development, speaks with a lisp and has never been to school. We think she is 11. Please keep our support in prayer. It seems our months are getting longer than the funds we have to cover expenses. Those close to us know how close to the fiscal cliff we run. Always on the edge. To give you an idea of what we do. Things here cost about the same as the USA, some more some less. If Lisa and I both worked the lowest minimum wage job with 0 overtime and 0 benefits in the USA With no government aid of any kind. We would have about a 35-40% higher income than what our support level is. Now with that in mind in the last 7 years the LORD has allowed us to plant numerous churches (currently working with 10 in various stages), and build meeting houses, built a home for orphans and abused children. Have cared for over 40 children full time including all needs and currently have 26 living with us as our own, and have no debt. How do we do it?… That is the first assumption to throw out. We don’t. The LORD does. Every month our support is short for just the hard fixed expenses, food, electric ect. And has been for the entire 7+ years we have been here. We loose support only to have another pick up the slack, but have not seen much gain. The circle of church supporters is very small but very intimate and in tune with what the LORD is doing here. Every month ministering saints listening to the Holy Spirit send what is needed. Sometimes it is a special offering in a church, sometimes a teen sends graduation funds, a business man in Honduras sees my wife in the market and buys her food, children collect a vbs offering or something similar. Living with the sensation of falling but by God's grace never quite do. Sure does keep one on their toes.

If you have not seen this video please take the time to watch it and share it with those who would pray and support the ministry here in Honduras. It is from a supporting church pastor who has visited us several times. Click below

Please keep us in prayer and your hearts on the pulse of the Holy Spirit.
Unworthy servant to a worthy Saviour,
Barry Ritchie


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