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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Its only money...

Been an expensive weekend. Baby in Hospital, battery meltdown in Kia, installed roof on church before rains hit, ect. Still need to install doors and window bars for security on two churches at about $1000 each building. Then we can buy plastic chairs and put things in them without it being stolen. Being out of the rain is great, but having a place to sit would be nice… Went to get the generator ready for another mountain outreach in a couple of weeks…gone, it was stolen. Went out to start the kia and the batteries caught fire and melted down, even melting the terminals… Just 2 new batteries- $243 ouch. Lester got sick and we ended up admitting him to the hospital over night. IVs, meds for a day and more for the next week or several hundred unexpected dollars. But he came home much better and bright eyed. Had several kids complain of headaches only to wake with chicken pox. By the end of the next day a total of seven affected. A hundred here and a hundred there a few times and suddenly its a lot of money… While getting batteries, I noticed we had a bad tire and a broken spring from hauling the heavy roof up the mountain. Not enough for everything at the moment, maybe tire next week. Several kids need shoes more than the kia needs a tire. Just fixed spring. Took Pastor Enemesio some of the hardwood we cut on our property. Planning to make new pulpits for 3 churches. Still working a solution for the well in Eyes of Water. Plus need to stock up this week fuel, water, food ect, as everything closes down for Holy Week… Some people just go to church on the weekend to sit in a pew...how boring. :)  For 20 years in ministry I have heard Sunday is a day of rest... I havent found that to be true...maybe one day.


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